At LaunchDarkly, we're all about building community. That's a big part of why we run the Test in Production Meetup (currently being run as a Twitch Stream), a weekly Twitter chat called #ToggleTalk, and other programs aimed at helping and connecting with people.

Historically, another venue for connecting has been in-person events like tradeshows and conferences. At such events, we set up a booth and have informal conversations with developers, SREs, engineering VPs—all sorts of people.

With the temporary loss of in-person events, we've also lost the conversational booth experience. That is, until now.

We just launched a new virtual booth, and we're calling it the Docking Station.

What is the virtual booth? Why should I care?

LaunchDarkly's virtual booth is basically a weekly Zoom meeting. At the booth, you will get a chance to speak with two LaunchDarkly experts and bring forth any questions you may have.

The LaunchDarkly people at the Docking Station will include some combination of a solutions engineer, developer advocate, seasoned account executive, and customer success manager.

While you are more than welcome to discuss the sorts of things you might discuss in a sales meeting, this is NOT a sales call. It's informal, consultative (not that sales calls aren't consultative, but you get my point), and purely educational.

This is a chance to get access to two LaunchDarkly experts in a casual setting. If nothing else, it's a chance to connect during a time of forced isolation.

Treat the virtual booth like a booth at an actual conference. You stroll over to the booth, stare blankly at it for a while, and then start chatting with the hosts. The only difference (besides the booth staring) is the Docking Station visits are scheduled.

The virtual booth can feature any of the following things:

Ask us whatever you like.

  • What are some feature flagging best practices?
  • What's your take on the future of software development?
  • How can feature flags help me in XYZ scenario?
  • How do you think dev teams should adapt during this trying time?
  • Any remote work tips?

And while we certainly want to answer your questions, we'd also love to hear your perspective on the world of software and beyond.

When is it? How do I join?

We'll be hosting Docking Hangouts every Tuesday between 10-11 a.m. PST, starting tomorrow (March 19, 2020).

To join a Docking Hangout, you need to sign up in advance here. Pick a time slot that works best for you (obviously). We're allowing up to three people to sign up for each slot. Our thought with allowing three people per slot is that it mimics the experience of being at an in-person booth. In many cases, we've found that booth conversations involving a few people at one time leads to a richer discussion.

Book a time to visit the Docking Station before the slots fill up!

Oh, did I mention that we'll send you stickers after your “booth visit”? If you're into stickers, then this is your lucky day. Or, rather, the day you get the stickers will be your lucky day. At the very least, we can assume your day will be a tad better than a normal day given that you will have received stickers.

We look forward to chatting with you!