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How Lantix empowers non-technical users with LaunchDarkly
It honestly reduces the amount of tension or perceived tension between engineering and the customer side. We had been constantly asking them for things that were small and minuscule, and to them (Engineering) were super easy to do. It's like a little kid, constantly pestering, "Oh, can I have this, can I have this, can I have this?"
Christopher Pelky, Strategic Client Manager, Lanetix
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About Lanetix
Lanetix provides collaboration, workflow, and customer lifecycle solutions for logistics companies. Their workflow, collaboration, and CRM suite enables third-party logistics and carriers to grow their revenue and profits, while competing on the basis of value, not just price. Lanetix leverages the Salesforce1 cloud platform to streamline workflows, improve operational visibility, and share insight on any device, anywhere in the world. Lanetix is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, California.
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Lanetix used a home grown system before LaunchDarkly
Lanetix Before LaunchDarkly
The engineers at Lanetix had written their own feature flag library called DIP switch. It was basically a Node.js library that did some feature flag management, offered scripts, but had no user interface. There was “a lot of risk” with using the library, and it was very developer-centric.

Because this system was for engineering only, Customer Success had an arduous process for every administrative change - to activate or deactivate a subscriber, change a permission set, or spin up a new organization. The process was to submit a help ticket via GitHub, write everything up including all the features and security access needed for each user. “It was a very, very intensive process.” Engineering wanted the organization creation, the permissions, and the feature flag access out of their hands. It was weighing heavily on their team.
Why They Chose LaunchDarkly
Where it used to take hours - at 'minimum' hours - for a ticket to be filed and responded to, now with LaunchDarkly it takes one minute. The time savings for Engineering has been significant. Lanetix's Director of Engineering, Danny Douglass, refers to “countless hours” saved because they were adding many new customers and building up organizations multiple times a week. Customer Success is equally happy with the results.
LaunchDarkly empowers non-technical users for Lanetix
We've had zero issues. Everything has worked perfectly. The roll-out of LaunchDarkly could not have gone better.
Danny Douglass, Director of Engineering, Lanetix