LaunchDarkly Private Instances

Your own private LaunchDarkly, managed as a premium service.
Dedicated Environments

Get the isolation, control, and customization of on-premise with the convenience and availability of a cloud service.

Enhanced Network Isolation and Security
Single Tenant

With a private instance you will have a dedicated set of infrastructure contained within a VPC, eliminating the risk of noisy neighbors.

AWS Ownership

Store your data in your AWS account or ours — spin up instances where you need them, whether that's in the EU, OpenGov, or elsewhere.

Flexible Residency

Ensure proximity, place your service where you need or prefer. You decide the global regions and availability zones of your instance.

Custom Compliance

If you have additional security or compliance requirements, a private instance can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Update Control

Have better insight into when software will be updated. With this premium service you decide when updates are completed.

Managed Scaling

LaunchDarkly DevOps takes care of the infrastructure for you. We make sure it is running to our uptime goal of 99.99%.

A Solution for Your Enterprise Needs
Private and Secure

Custom domains with SSO with SAML 2.0 and multi-factor authentication.

Power at Scale

Flexible infrastructure options to fit the scale of your business.


Horizontally scalable architecture allows us to grow with your needs.

Premium Support

We will work with you to define SLAs that meet your specific needs.

Technical Account Manager

Reach the full value of your investment faster. An account manager will work closely with your team to understand the holistic needs of your organization, supply domain expertise to clear hurdles, and work as a proactive strategic resource to assist with rollout.

In Line with Your High-Standard Compliance

This customized service is built and managed with the same SOC 2 high standards we hold LaunchDarkly to. Get your private instance certified with SOC 2 or any other certification that your business requires.

Architecture You Can Trust

Designed from the ground up and built to scale to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Leverage LaunchDarkly's redundancy and robustness to eliminate risk from your feature management.

Learn More About Private Instances

Ready to invest in a customized premium service for your applications? Contact us to learn how we can build a custom plan for you. Our team is here to answer all of your questions. Email us!