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Learn the benefits of a feature flagging system

You want your customers to have the best product - and that means delivering your new features, updates, and bug fixes as quickly as possible - whether they’re on web or mobile. Customers demand increasing quality, quicker. This translates to steep demands on Product, and the engineering teams they work with, to deliver quickly and safely.

What if there was a way to get more control over how you release as a team?

LaunchDarkly helps you separate code deployment from rollout. You can deploy confidently knowing you have full control over your feature’s lifecycle.

LaunchDarkly lets you:
LaunchDarkly’s intuitive easy-to-use dashboard the whole team - engineering, product and QA - can access. Learn more about Feature Flag-Driven Development and how it plays into the “9 Qualities of a Great Product Mananger” in The Product Manager’s Guide to Feature Flags.

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