Getting Your Team Started with Feature Management

We understand the challenges of managing feature flags at scale, so we've built a platform that will help you get there. LaunchDarkly is developer-friendly and easy to integrate. Use our quick start guide to create a simple app in the language of your choice, and easily create and test a flag in your local dev environment.


Quick Setup Time

In just minutes you can set up and start to manage your first feature flag. Teams at organizations like GoPro and Atlassian have used LaunchDarkly to deliver code weeks faster and safely test in production.

Partial Implementation

Outcome driven development with feature flags is not all or nothing. Many of our customers start by using our feature management platform within in a single team before expanding to other teams/apps across their organizations.


LaunchDarkly has been easy to on-board and integrate into our existing development cycle, which has helped us move faster with less risk.

Lawrence Yuan

VP Engineering, Ten-X


When we added LaunchDarkly to our stack, feature toggles quickly became easy and delightful to use. It's fundamentally changed the way we build, rollout and test features.


Scott Ringwelski

Co-founder and CTO, Handshake


Scalable to Benefit Your Team

Scale to your team, scale to your users.

Starting to feature flag is easy, managing them is hard. Managing multiple features across different environments is no easy feat—especially when you want to keep everyone in sync and compliant.

LaunchDarkly's feature management platform is built for teams. Organize work spaces with projects and environments. Support security requirements with team controls, including custom roles and multi-factor authentication. Get real time visibility into the full lifecycle of features with an audit log. And an intuitive dashboard that is easy for anyone in your organization to use.

Our feature management platform is also built for scale. Companies like Atlassian and Microsoft use LaunchDarkly to manage features in multiple products across their organizations. We serve over 200 billion features daily.


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