Mobile Feature Flags for iOS & Android

Start using mobile feature flags now with our iOS and Android SDKs.

  • Avoid "zero star" App Store and Google Play reviews by turning off broken features.
  • Reduce risk by limiting functionality to only certain users.
  • Test new features without waiting for lengthy review cycles.
  • Optimize user flows and measure performance.
  • Real-time rollbacks to minimize downtime.

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What is LaunchDarkly?
LaunchDarkly is a continuous delivery and feature flags platform that powers developers to build better software faster.
Does LaunchDarkly easily integrate into my existing Android or iOS app?
Yes! We are built for developers and provide robust SDKs that allow you to set up feature flags in minutes. Check out our iOS and Android SDKs.
Will LaunchDarkly slow down my app?
Nope! In our mobile SDKs, feature flags are updated in real-time using our streaming API, and will not slow down your mobile app.
How will LaunchDarkly let me manage new app features?
LaunchDarkly lets developers wrap features or application behavior in our feature flags. You can then manage your features on the LaunchDarkly dashboard, roll out to users, and see how well things are performing. LaunchDarkly gives you total control of your app.
How will the Apple App Store review or Google Play review process be impacted?
It won't! With LaunchDarkly, you can toggle your features from our dashboard - that means you can roll out and roll back features without having to redeploy your app. Of course, if you want to test completely new features, you will need to bundle those in a new release.
I have a question, can you help me?
Absolutely! Just email or check out more FAQs.