Getting Started Checklist

LaunchDarkly is a continuous delivery and feature flags as a service platform that integrates into a company's current development cycle. The platform allows companies to continuously deliver and deploy software to their users in a faster, more reliable way. You wrap your features in LaunchDarkly flags, which allows you to have full control over who sees the feature (users or user groups). It helps companies perform gradual feature rollouts, disable buggy features without redeploying, and reduce development costs with a more streamlined development cycle.

  • When you create an account at, you receive a free 30 day trial to try out all features of our Growth plan.
  • It only takes a few minutes to create your first feature flag. LaunchDarkly offers a quickstart guide that will let you create a sample app in the language of your choice. You can also easily create a test flag in your local dev environment.
  • After creating your feature flag, navigate to the flag's Targeting tab and set a rollout percentage.
  • You can target users based on any custom attribute, like email, group, plan, and name, and even perform percentage rollouts on these segments. Navigate to your flag's Targeting tab and create a custom targeting rule.
  • You can have multiple projects under one LaunchDarkly account, like "Web App" and "Mobile App". In the settings tab, you can add multiple development environments for each project (ex. local dev, QA, staging, and production.)
  • In the settings tab, invite any team members that you would like to add to your LaunchDarkly account.
  • Assign basic permissions to your team members like Read, Write, and Admin. For enterprise plans, you can create custom access policies for anything in LaunchDarkly.
  • Navigate to the Goals tab to set up A/B testing for your feature flags.
  • Navigate to the audit log to view all changes made to your feature flags.
  • Get a free demo or contact us at to learn more about our plans and custom offerings. Our engineers will also be happy to assist with setup and integration.

Getting started with LaunchDarkly
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