Our Vision
LaunchDarkly's vision is to revolutionize continuous delivery by allowing product managers and developers to take full control of their feature deployments. We enable teams to manage the full lifecycle of their features independently of code deployments.
The Company
LaunchDarkly is an enterprise-grade continuous delivery and feature flagging platform that powers developers to deliver better software, faster. Dark launching is a continuous delivery best practice of delivering features to some users before rolling out to everyone. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon all utilize dark launches to deliver better features. Dark launching is also known as a "canary launch" or "canary deployment".
The Team
Edith Harbaugh
CEO & Co-Founder
Edith has more than 10 years of experience in product, engineering and marketing with both consumer and enterprise startups. Most recently she was Product Director at TripIt and Concur. She holds two patents in deployment from her time in engineering at Vignette. Edith has given talks on feature flag management at Microsoft Build, NDC Sydney, GlueCon, and DevOps West; and is a contributing writer to DZone, DevOps.com (http://devops.com/) and ReadWriteWeb. She cohosts “To Be Continuous” Podcast with Paul Biggar, CircleCI founder. Edith earned a BS, Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and a degree in Economics from Pomona College. She enjoys trail running distances up to 100 miles./div>
John Kodumal
CTO & Co-Founder
John was a development manager at Atlassian, where he led engineering for the Atlassian Marketplace. Prior to that he was an architect at Coverity, where he worked on static and dynamic analysis algorithms. He has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in programming languages and type systems, and a BS from Harvey Mudd College. He climbs rocks, ice, small boulders, and the occasional building.
Patrick Kaeding
Lead Software Engineer
Patrick was a senior developer at Atlassian where he helped build the Atlassian Marketplace and worked on the Bitbucket team, where he realized the power of feature flagging. Patrick and John prototyped the first version of the Atlassian Marketplace during one of Atlassian’s ShipIt hackathon days. He has pushed the boundaries of what some might consider traditional feature flag use-cases, including database migrations and billing plan management. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Northeastern University. He is an award-winning home-brewer, and enjoys hiking with his family on the weekends.
Alexis Georges
Lead Frontend Engineer
Alexis was a developer on the Atlassian Marketplace team with John and Patrick, where he build several data visualization dashboards. He graduated from McGill University with a B.S. in Computer science, and has experience at companies large and small. He cares deeply about design and user experience. He also is an avid open-water swimmer.
Justin Baker
Lead Product Designer
As a designer who can code, Justin can empathize with a developer's workflow and design intuitive interfaces to address extremely complex functionality. He has built dozens of user interfaces for high-traffic applications — winning the Best of California IT Design award in 2012. He frequently contributes feature flag management and design theory articles to DZone, Tech.co, and DesignerHub. He holds degrees from UC Davis and USC, and is finishing an MS in Information Design at Northwestern. When he's not making developer's lives easier, he enjoys tennis, computer games, and writing.
Andrea Echstenkamper
Head of Marketing
Andrea makes marketing machines for developer-focused companies. Recently she built the demand generation programs at open source in-memory computing company Hazelcast. Before that she was a part of Terracotta, acquired by Software AG. She holds a Master’s in International Business and a Bachelor’s in Public Relations from the University of Florida. Andrea is happiest when she’s swimming, singing or learning something new. The best part of her job is collecting stories from LaunchDarkly customers.
Dan Richelson
Software Engineer
Prior to LaunchDarkly, Dan worked on highly available enterprise streaming APIs at GNIP and Twitter. Much like a Feature Flagging system, these products were core parts of customers' businesses, making reliability paramount. At LaunchDarkly Dan built much of the multivariate functionality in the SDKs including our comprehensive integration test system. He also built the Android SDK. Dan holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado in Boulder. When not building the galaxy's best Feature Flagging platform, he is rock climbing, hiking, yoga, and exploring the intersections of art and technology.
Justin Darby
Director of Sales
Justin has been involved in Technical Sales, since starting his career in San Francisco. Most recently, he was working with CTOs and DevOps leaders to help monitor their applications at New Relic. He got to see the trends moving towards continuous delivery, microservices, devops, and faster work flows. When looking into LaunchDarkly, Justin saw this as a limitless opportunity offering a great solution to help in these approaches. Now at LaunchDarkly, he helps companies mitigate risk and release faster with 4 billion feature flags daily and growing. In his spare time, Justin enjoys rock climbing, playing basketball, soccer and the drums.
Danial Zahid
iOS Engineer
Abdul Rehman Basim
Android Engineer
Sean Byrnes
Co-founder & CEO, Flurry Analytics
Sean Byrnes is the founder of Flurry, the leader in advertising and analytics services for mobile applications. He is currently an advisor, mentor and angel investor in the San Francisco bay area. You can read his advice and thoughts on building businesses on Sean On Startups and his personal website. Prior to starting Flurry, Sean worked in the innovation group at Verizon Communications developing new business lines based on emerging technologies. Sean earned an undergraduate engineering degree from Dartmouth College and a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University.
Andy Chou
Co-founder & CTO, Coverity
Andy Chou is an investor and startup advisor based in San Francisco. Andy cofounded Coverity in 2003 and served as CTO until its acquisition by Synopsys in 2014. At Coverity, Andy lead the design and development of an advanced code analysis product for the developer market, which was used to improve the quality and security of billions of lines of code. Today, Andy’s interests lie in transformative technologies for developer productivity, devops, application security, and machine learning. Andy received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and his BS in EECS from the University of California, Berkeley.
Nancy Ramamurthi
Chief Marketing Officer, ModCloth
Nancy Ramamurthi is the Chief Marketing Officer at ModCloth.com. She was an early marketer and GM at Yahoo!, established eBay’s global classifieds business, and was a brand manager on diet Coke and Powerade. She was also the CMO and GM at TripIt and most recently she co-founded the peer-to-peer home decor marketplace Chairish. Nancy holds a Kellogg MBA, is a former Parsons School of Design student, a wannabe architect, and an ex-Army airborne captain. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Shiv and 10 year old son, Varun.
Giles Goodwin
Founder & CEO, Flite
Giles Goodwin is the CEO and Founder at Flite. Giles has over 14 years experience in building innovative software products and managing computer technologies. Prior to founding Flite, Giles was Chief Portal Suite Architect and Director of Engineering at Vignette, a global content management company, where he was responsible for the management and development of composite application and web services technology. Prior to his role at Vignette, Giles was the Director of Engineering at Epicentric which was acquired by Vignette. Prior to joining Epicentric, Giles was the Lead Developer and Architect at Application Park, an online web application builder and portal company which was acquired by Epicentric. Giles holds a BS in Physics from the University of California at Riverside, where he is currently a member of the Dean’s Board of Advisors for the university’s College of Natural and Agricultural Science..