Sync Web And Mobile Experiences

Using feature flags to sync user experiences across multiple platforms

Feature flagging is a way to wrap features in conditionals (If/else statements) so that you can control the visibility of those features over time. In other words, you can deploy a feature as ‘off’ and then turn it ‘on’ at a later time or you can gradually roll out a feature to select users. LaunchDarkly provides both web and mobile SDKs so you can feature flag across all of your functionality.

This allows you to use the same feature flag to control features for both the web and mobile versions of an application.

Some more benefits of cross-platform feature flagging include:
  • The ability to release a cross-platform feature simultaneously or separately, with full control over who gets to see that feature. For example, web users might get access to a new search bar before mobile users do.
  • Real time personalization that allows users to opt-in to new features on one platform (like mobile) and have that personalization sync with another platform (like web)
  • Percentage rollouts that allow you to gradually release a feature to targeted users on different platforms, allowing you to assess user and performance feedback for each platform
  • A kill switch that lets you turn off poorly performing features for web and mobile, without having to redeploy
  • Subscription plan management using feature flags to bundle cross-platform features into different tiers (ex. to create Bronze, Gold, and VIP plans)
Syncing web and mobile experiences using feature flags with LaunchDarkly