Short-Lived Flags:
Use Cases & Best Practices

"As a byproduct of having to manage the feature flags, our engineers are forced to think more deeply about the application structure and the deployment process. So, not only are engineers the right people for the job, the job makes them better engineers." -Ben Nadal, Co-founder at Invision

About this Webinar

When there are so many flag states between off/on and you can target any subset of your users, it can be difficult to manage short-term feature flags. Applying some forethought and structure can help get better visibility and control–but what do you need to consider when doing this? Join us as we review concepts and best practices for setting up and managing short-lived feature flags.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Concepts and best practices for short-lived, tactical, or deployment flags.
  • How to conceptualize, create, name, manage, and delete short-term flags.
  • Use cases for short-term flags such as deployment, testing, progressive delivery, and beta users.

Be sure to bring questions for a live Q&A session after the discussion.

Our Panelists


Heidi Waterhouse

Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly


Adam Zimman

VP Product & Marketing at LaunchDarkly

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