The Future of Feature Management

Join us for a LaunchDarkly product announcement.

About This Event

Feature management gives your team the ultimate control to decide how a feature is launched and managed. Leveraging the power of feature flags, your team can target specific users, groups or attributes, make real-time updates, and respond instantly without having to go through a lengthy deployment cycle. We consistently hear from our customers that feature management has completely changed the way they deliver value to their users. Join us as we unveil a new set of LaunchDarkly features that will help teams extend and integrate feature management further across more teams.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The next generation of LaunchDarkly product features
  • How customers will benefit from the new functionality
  • How LaunchDarkly plans to utilize the latest functionality on our product


John Kodumal

Co-founder & CTO

Michael McKay

Senior Development Manager

Katie Spires

Senior Product Manager

Karishma Irani

Principal Product Manager