Many LaunchDarkly customers use feature flags to control how their users experience their products. For developers, flags are control points in their code that can be adjusted in real-time to control how users, or groups of users, interact with their applications and services.

Pendo is the leading solution for user insights, user feedback and user engagement. And we're excited to announce a new integration between Pendo and LaunchDarkly that will better serve our customers. We're focused on building a recipe for folks that creates a seamless engagement strategy from code to user interaction.

With control points in your code through feature flags you have the ability to provide a personalized experience. When combined with Pendo this allows Product teams and business owners to coordinate with developers and operations teams to create curated experiences with predictable outcomes.

This integration is a great example of extending user value and the benefit of being thoughtful about inputs and outputs. Users are now able to define a user segment (or cohort) in Pendo and with a few clicks leverage that segment in LaunchDarkly for user targeting on any feature flag in the system. Additionally, by integrating with Pendo, now you have the ability to provide in app education and surveys to ensure users are getting the most of the feature and providing valuable feedback to the Product team.

We are confident the power of Pendo and LaunchDarkly creates more personalized user experiences and a more seamless experience for application and service builders from Development to Product delivery. To learn more about this integration, take a look at Pendo's recipe. If you have questions about LaunchDarkly, contact or start a free trial today!