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Eliminate risk and deliver value using feature management in your development cycles. Deploy code when you want. Release features when you're ready. Control your users' experience.

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We serve over 100 billion feature flags daily to companies big and small. Developers and operations teams use LaunchDarkly to eliminate risk from their software development cycles.

Companies like these use our feature management platform to control their feature lifecycles—from concept to launch to control.

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Modern Development for Everyone

Unleash the full potential of your team with LaunchDarkly.

Central Visibility and Control

One dashboard to manage the lifecycle of your features from local development, to QA, to production.

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Test in Production

Use custom targeting rules and percentage rollouts to safely test features in production and get valuable feedback.

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Control Version Output

Deploy your code when you want to and then let product teams independently release features when they are ready.

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Ship Code When You're Ready

Empower your development team to collaborate more effectively, maintain stability, and deliver software faster.

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Release Features When You Want

Your releases can be independent of your deployments. Share features when your team is ready.

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Control Your User Experience

Use custom targeting rules and percentage rollouts to control which users see what features and when.

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Get Feedback Faster

With granular control over user experience, safely test features in production and get valuable feedback.

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In Case of Emergency, Kill Switch

You can instantly turn off any feature at any time. Get sleep at night knowing it's as easy as hitting the switch.

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Built for Engineering Teams

LaunchDarkly uses a streaming architecture to serve feature flags in microseconds without making remote requests. All flags are served locally and backed up by two layers of globally distributed CDNs.

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Easy Implementation

It only takes a few minutes to create your first feature flag. Our quick start guide will show you how to create a sample app in the language of your choice, and easily create a test flag in your local dev environment.

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Starting to Feature Flag Is Easy, Managing It Is Hard

Feature flagging is a straightforward concept that can become difficult to manage as your use case scales. It's easy to manage one feature flag by modifying a configuration file, but when you have multiple feature flags across different environments, it's harder to keep everyone in sync and compliant.

What's Important for Every Feature Flagging System

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