Manage Feature Flags at Scale

DevOps done right — separate feature rollout from code deployment

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Feature flag lifecycle management
Feature flag lifecycle management
Manage feature flags across multiple dev environments with flag statuses, audit logging, and custom roles
Feature toggle user and performance feedback
Get feedback without a full release
Release to limited user segments, test your infrastructure, and get the feedback you need to iterate quickly
Feature flags kill switch and feature toggles
Kill bad features without redeploying
Reduce risk and unlock the power of continuous delivery
LaunchDarkly Web and Mobile SDKs
Microsoft .NET SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles PHP SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Python SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles NodeJS SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Java SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles JavaScript SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Ruby and Rails Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Go Feature Flags / Feature Toggles iOS Mobile Apple Feature Flags / Feature Toggles A Mobile SDK for Android Feature Flags / Feature Toggles
  • LaunchDarkly Testimonial
    I believe that feature flags are a critical piece of modern development, and LaunchDarkly brings this part of continuous delivery to the masses.
    - Rob Zuber, CTO, CircleCI
    LaunchDarkly Testimonial
    It fundamentally changes the way we build software. And it lets us develop software in a way that is much healthier for our team.
    - Danny, Frontend Team Leader, Lanetix
  • LaunchDarkly Testimonial
    A huge thing for us is risk. LaunchDarkly takes risk off the table.
    - Bryan Jowers, Product Manager, AppDirect
    LaunchDarkly Testimonial
    Who would I recommend use LaunchDarkly? Any organization who wants to move faster with less risk.
    - Josh Chu, Engineering Director, Upserve
  • LaunchDarkly Testimonial
    LaunchDarkly has been easy to on-board and integrate into our existing development cycle, which has helped us move faster with less risk.
    - Lawrence, VP Engineering, Ten-X
    LaunchDarkly Testimonial
    LaunchDarkly's become a major cornerstone in our continuous delivery process.
    - Yonni, Frontend Team Leader, Behalf
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