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How Behalf transformed their feature delivery model with LaunchDarkly
It's really opened the door for us to do continuous delivery - or really anything involving the word continuous. LaunchDarkly's become a major cornerstone in our new process here at Behalf.
Yonni Mendes, Behalf
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About Behalf
Behalf is a purchase financing solution based in New York City. Behalf offers small businesses instant funding of up to $50,000 and 180 days to buy goods or services directly from vendors. Behalf pays the vendors upfront, and the small business pays Behalf back on a schedule that they choose. While the vendors increase sales, reduce risk of bad collections and reduce days sales outstanding, their small business customers gain financing flexibility at affordable rates.
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Behalf had long release cycles before LaunchDarkly
Behalf Before LaunchDarkly
For Behalf, launching any update for their application was a long involved process. Releases had to go through multiple layers of QA and Product review, since updates were released to all users at once. This meant releases could take up to four months, delaying R&D's ability to deliver quick improvements based on user feedback.
Why They Chose LaunchDarkly
With LaunchDarkly, the Engineering team could break up these big four-month versions into smaller, more frequent deployments. The Product team could then choose smaller customer groups to test out the new features before making them generally available. This new process could create smaller, more manageable releases, which inherently reduces the level of risk involved.
Better teamwork and faster feature delivery with LaunchDarkly