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Discover how modern development teams use feature management for improved visibility, testing, and progressive releases.

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We all work hard to delight our users. Giving them the best means moving fast and delivering more, continuously. But we also know this comes with inherent risks. There’s a movement around the idea that having dynamic control over your development and release processes supports making better software faster.

Discover how modern development teams and leading organizations are using feature management for improved visibility, testing in production, and safer, more progressive releases. When teams aren't inhibited by the fear of breaking things, they can collaborate more effectively, get feedback sooner and validate their ideas, and have a stronger handle on what they’re putting into the world.

Leading development teams—including AWS, Slack, Atlassian, DataDog, HashiCorp, Seesaw, and more—shared their methodologies and best practices. Watch these videos to learn more about the conversations that took place at Trajectory.