Feature Flagging at Scale

Manage the full lifecycle of your flags across teams, environments, and projects

Feature flagging is a straightforward concept that becomes difficult to manage at scale. It’s easy to manage one feature flag by modifying a configuration file, but when you have multiple feature flags across different environments, it’s harder to keep everyone in sync in a compliant fashion. Facebook is well known for its feature flagging system called Gatekeeper that took years to build, using limitless engineering resources.

Wrapping one feature with an if/else is just the start, that’s why LaunchDarkly has built a platform to make this level of control possible for all teams. To help teams manage at scale, LaunchDarkly offers the following:
  • An intuitive dashboard built for entire organizations to use
  • Enterprise-grade features including audit logging, support for projects, and flag statuses
  • Team controls including finely grained custom roles
  • Web and mobile SDKs for all major platforms, so you can integrate LaunchDarkly quickly across your entire stack