Tools and Processes for Cross-Functional Product Development

A look into development from concept > prototype > actualization.

About This Webinar

This webinar will explore how leading organizations are leveraging dual-track agile development by placing equal importance on the discovery, design, and build processes. Modern product development is inherently cross-functional. By bringing together Product, Design and Engineering as a collaborative Product Delivery Team, organizations are speeding up development cycles, making more informed decisions, and shipping with confidence.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How teams can deliver more value when Product, Design, and Engineering work more closely together
  • Ways these teams benefit from working in a cross-functional collaborative structure
  • Best practices for empowering your Product Delivery team to ship more efficiently


  • Introductions | 5 minutes
  • Panel Discussion | 30 minutes
  • Q&A | 15 minutes


Nitin Puri

Senior Product Manager

Cameron Savage

Principal Product Manager

Vikram Rojo

Product Designer

Edith Au

Engineering Manager