Long-Term Flags:
Use Cases & Best Practices

"Facebook uses Gatekeeper…to deploy changes thousands and thousands of times a day. They use it for everything, changing DNS records and network configuration and how to get to caches and stuff like that." - Matt Knox, Code Monkey at Reddit

About this Webinar

In many cases feature flags are used beyond a product release or singular event. Long-term flags are switches that you intend to leave in your code indefinitely, and unlike short-term flags, they aren’t technical debt. Long-term flags are an essential part of your system architecture—they can be used to set subscriber tiers, operate as part of a circuit-breaker pattern, or manage the interaction with third-party APIs.

Designing your long-term flags is similar to specifying the feature you are controlling, and you may want to use the same process. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Concepts and best practices for long-term flags or toggles
  • Places long-term flags can be especially useful
  • Anti-patterns and items to watch out for in creating long-term flags

Be sure to bring questions for a live Q&A session after the discussion.

Our Panelists


Heidi Waterhouse

Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly


Adam Zimman

VP Product & Marketing at LaunchDarkly

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