Launched: LaunchDarkly in Slack

By Mira Cho   •   September 6, 2019

We've launched a Slack app!

We're excited for you to use this integration to surface feature changes to members of all project teams that might benefit from seeing them, and to smooth workflows by allowing you to view, monitor, and interact with flags from within your regular Slack workspace. You can get started today—find it in the Slack app directory.

If the app has already been installed in your workspace you can get started right away by typing /launchdarkly in any channel or DM.


How could this help me?

If your team is like ours you might find yourself discussing a feature flag with your teammates or sharing ownership of the right target states.

You can use the Slack app to collaborate on flags by filtering and viewing your flags directly from your workspace, subscribing to flag updates in relevant project channels, and receiving notifications to stay on top of any changes. You can subscribe to a set of flags or to individual flags—this works well for team awareness and collaboration in project channels, or general tracking in log channels.

For example:

  • You want to closely monitor a flag that controls customer billing, so you subscribe to this flag in a direct message or channel
  • While on a retention project, you subscribe to flags tagged retention-experiment in your #retention-experiment channel
  • You can subscribe your entire #Ops channel to flags within the Operations Project in LaunchDarkly
  • Subscribing to all flags or a large subset of flags creates a #changelog channel that is easy to stand up and manage

What does it do, exactly?

Subscribing to flags will send change notifications to everyone who is in the channel:


You can view flag details from within Slack. It's also easy to view a flag summary any time you reference a flag by pasting a LaunchDarkly URL in your Slack workspace:


The app also lets you toggle flag targeting on and off from within Slack, which can save time for simple flags:


You'll be able to use slash commands to subscribe to and manage different notifications:


What now?

Go forth! To set up and use the app, please visit the Slack directory, and read our documentation for more details.

Not a LaunchDarkly customer? Contact for more information or start a free trial to try out LaunchDarkly today!

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