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Teams use LaunchDarkly to innovate faster, reduce risk, and break down the barriers between developer, product, marketing and sales.

The Feature Management Platform Powering the Best Software Products

Our vision is to eliminate risk for developers and operations teams from the software development cycle. As companies transition to a world built on software, there is an increasing requirement to move quickly—but that often comes with the desire to maintain control. LaunchDarkly is the feature management platform that enables dev and ops teams to control the whole feature lifecycle, from concept to launch to value.

Feature flagging is an industry best practice of wrapping a new or risky section of code or infrastructure change with a flag. Each flag can easily be turned on/off independent of code deployment (aka ”dark launching”).

Equipping businesses with the ability to move at the speed of every deploy allows an entire company to learn rapidly, deliver value to their customers faster, and produce more value. Developers can build, marketing can launch, product can iterate, and sales can sell.

Serving 200+ billion feature flags daily.
100+ Employees
Our global team is HQ'd in Oakland, CA.
In Series A, B & C from trusted investors.

I believe that feature flags are a critical piece of modern development, and LaunchDarkly brings this part of continuous delivery to the masses.

Rob Zuber, CTO, CircleCI

Living Up To Your Team's Full Potential

We believe in building better products and more engaged teams.

Move at the Speed of Innovation

Teams are under pressure to iterate faster and release features more often. Using feature flags in continuous delivery means you can integrate release, deployment, and operational management into the development cycle.

LaunchDarkly's feature management platform gives you granular control over what your users experience so you can safely test in production and quickly get valuable feedback from your users.

Empowered Product Development

LaunchDarkly enables technical and non-technical teams to collaborate more effectively on software releases by giving everyone the visibility that they need.

Dev and ops can develop and verify that a feature works in production. QA can test and verify. And product teams can safely release features to users in a controlled fashion. This allows non-technical teams to actively participate in the development cycle, while also taking the burden off of engineering teams.

Build Better Products

When you use feature management as a best practice, you can safely separate code deployments from feature releases. This means your developers can develop at the speed of ideation, operations teams can continuously deliver code safely, and business/application owners can independently experiment and provide valuable feedback.

By empowering teams to work together more effectively, safely delivery features more frequently, and get feedback from users faster—your organization can be more confident it is maintaining its competitive edge.

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Edith Harbaugh

CEO & Co-Founder

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CTO & Co-Founder

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VP Product & Marketing

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Lead Software Engineer

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Lead Frontend Engineer

Andrea Echstenkamper

Director of Marketing

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Engineering Manager

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Engineering Manager

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DevOps Engineer

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Business Operations Manager

Joe Ryan

Account Executive

Tyler Zick

Account Executive

Francis Paras

Account Executive

Zena Davé

Field Marketing

Tim Wong

Principal Technical Account Manager

Zuhaib Siddique

Software Engineer

John Winstead

Solutions Engineer

Melissa Patenaude

Creative Director

Andrew Brown

Software Engineer

Arnold Trakhtenberg

Software Engineer

Heidi Waterhouse

Developer Advocate

Kim Harrison

Writer & Content Manager

Traci Lopez

Software Engineer

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VP Sales

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Distributed Systems Engineer

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Support Engineer

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Account Executive

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Lev Lazinskiy

Senior Solutions Engineer

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Director of Finance

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Sales Development Representative

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Account Executive

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Software Engineer

Kevin Brackbill

Software Engineer

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Sales Development Representative Team Lead

Andrew Campbell

Technical Account Manager

Monica Kijek

Office Manager

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VP of Engineering

Guy Antilla

Senior Director of Customer Success

Manuel Partida

Solutions Engineer

Thi Nguyen

Sales Operations

Zurab Davitiani

Software Engineer

Sachin Agarwal

Principal Product Manager

Seth Mazow

Account Executive

Alexander Fopma

Sales Development Representative

Blake Wilson

Software Engineer

Paula Goyanes

Software Engineer

Jessi Jullie

Technical Account Manager

Victor Lymar

Distributed Systems Engineer

Dan Tacci

Solutions Engineer

Bill Hodak

VP of Marketing

Ashley Williams

Director of People

Micah Zayner

Sales Development Representative

Raquan Abbott

Account Executive

Jay Papisan

Frontend Developer

Genevieve Kelly

Customer Success Manager

Devin Jackson

Sales Development Representative

Harvey Liu

Customer Success Manager

Michael DeBiase

Senior Designer

Cliff Malmborg

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Vikram Babu

Product Designer

Jason Tran

Senior Sales Development Representative

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LaunchDarkly is proud to call Oakland home. Though our team members come from all parts of the globe, our headquarters are in beautiful downtown Oakland. We think diversity is important and work hard to promote a safe and inclusive space for everyone. You can check out our code of conduct here.

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