Feature management for modern development.

Innovate faster, reduce risk, and bridge the divide between developers and the business.

The feature management platform powering the best software products

Our vision is to create a world in which software releases are safe and unceremonious. LaunchDarkly gives product delivery teams the safeguards to move fast without breaking things. We do this through feature flags.

Square, AMC, Intuit, Adidas, NBC, and other top organizations rely on LaunchDarkly to deliver and control their software. They ship code continuously, release features to individual customers at times that work best for them, learn about system performance and user behavior through experimentation, forge partnerships between developers and business stakeholders, and provide value in increasing measure.

In a software-centered world, control is one of your greatest assets. Feature management gives you that control, and LaunchDarkly gives you feature management in its highest form.



Serving trillions of feature flags daily.



Our global team is HQ'd in Oakland, CA.



Supporting organizations across every industry.

I believe that feature flags are a critical piece of modern development, and LaunchDarkly brings this part of continuous delivery to the masses.

CircleCIRob ZuberCTO

Unlock your developers’ full potential

Iterate rapidly

Innovate faster but with control

Teams are under pressure to iterate faster and release features more often. Feature flags enable safe continuous delivery, allowing teams to accelerate their deployments while reducing risk.

LaunchDarkly's feature management platform gives you granular control over what your users experience so you can safely test in production, quickly get valuable feedback from your users, and ship more in less time.

Improve collaboration

Empowered product development

LaunchDarkly enables software engineers and non-engineers to collaborate more effectively on releases by giving everyone the visibility that they need.

Developers can ship code whenever they want. Operations can verify that features work in production and disable buggy code with one click. And product managers can enable functionality for specific customers at the perfect time. LaunchDarkly empowers customer-facing teams to play a bigger role in delivering software while taking the burden off of engineering teams.

Accelerate cloud migrations

Modernize in less time and with fewer surprises

Cloud migrations demand considerable resources and carry a great deal of risk. LaunchDarkly feature flags allow you to progressively move all your systems in a controlled manner. Confidently shift your on-premises application infrastructure to the cloud, move your data to a new data warehouse, and migrate to a microservices architecture.

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We’re passionate about our customers and the future of software.

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CEO & Co-Founder

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CTO & Co-Founder

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Chief of Staff

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Oakland, California

LaunchDarkly is proud to call Oakland home. Though our team members come from all parts of the globe, our headquarters are in beautiful downtown Oakland. We think diversity is important and work hard to promote a safe and inclusive space for everyone. You can check out our code of conduct here.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

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