Built for Speed and Reliability

LaunchDarkly is built from the ground up to securely manage your software features. We are independently audited, and SOC 2 Type II certified. A global CDN ensures the lowest latency without remote requests. And our streaming architecture serves flag changes in milliseconds.

app to server

We Push Changes When They Happen

We use server-sent events (SSE), a protocol for one-way real-time messaging, to send messages to your servers whenever you change feature flag rules on your dashboard. The SSE connection is handled automatically by our SDKs.


Real-Time Performance

Our unique streaming architecture means you can instantly turn features on/off when you need to without introducing any latency to your site. It only takes 200 milliseconds to propagate flag updates.

Whether you are rolling out new features to your end users, testing in production, or hitting the kill switch—you have instant control over what your users experience.

200ms to propagate flag updates

A Resilient Solution

A feature flag will always be available—all flags are stored locally and backed up by our globally distributed CDN provider. Even if the CDN goes down (we use Fastly, a widely-used CDN provider), your servers will continue operating with the last set of feature flag rules, so your customers will continue seeing the right set of features.

The LaunchDarkly Relay Proxy establishes a connection to the LaunchDarkly streaming API, then proxies that stream connection to multiple clients. The relay proxy lets a number of servers connect to a local stream instead of making a large number of outbound connections to stream.launchdarkly.com. The relay proxy can be configured to proxy multiple environment streams, even across multiple projects.

Built for Scale

We can handle your biggest requests.

6 Trillion
Feature Flags
to users daily.
14 Million
Mobile Devices
& Browsers
world-wide daily.
3 Million
world-wide daily.

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