Today, we're happy to announce LaunchDarkly can now integrate with your Microsoft Teams workspace to bring your feature controls directly into the conversation.

What is it?

With LaunchDarkly connected to Microsoft Teams, your team can follow flag changes for the specific features, environments, or projects you need to stay aware of every day.

For additional granularity, you can configure the integration with a customizable policy to provide updates only on the exact resources you need.


How does this help me?

You can send notification cards to your Teams workspaces to let everyone know when:

  • Someone on your team turns on a flag that controls a common service
  • Someone on your team launches a new feature that was previously deployed behind a flag
  • A flag toggle results in a feature being released to market
  • A canary rollout increases in percentage
  • Someone in your org adds a new customer to a beta segment or a sales trial

What do I do next?

Configure the Teams integration to receive flag and change notifications in your Teams workspaces. And visit your in-app integrations page to configure or edit policies.

* * *

Many LaunchDarkly customers use Microsoft Teams to collaborate on their work and coordinate launching their latest creations. With this new integration, you can bring your feature controls directly into the conversation. And the best part is the Microsoft Teams integration is available to all LaunchDarkly customers.

If you don't have a LaunchDarkly account, contact or start a free trial today.