We've made improvements to help LaunchDarkly users who access the site with multiple different profiles. Previously, the LaunchDarkly navigation panel did not clearly indicate which profile you were logged into, which can be frustrating if you work with multiple LaunchDarkly accounts. Additionally, the previous location of the logout button made it too easy to click the logout button in error.

To make this easier for teams with multiple logins, we've improved the experience. Now you will see a new menu at the bottom of the main navigation panel which displays the name or email associated with the account you are logged into. Within the menu, there is a link to your profile. We have also moved the logout button within this menu to prevent accidental logouts.

In addition to the navigation menu redesign, we've also improved the Profile and Team tabs within the account settings. At the top of the Profile tab, you will now see a list of roles that have been assigned to you. And within the team tab, you will now see yourself in a list next to your team members.