Launched: Relay Proxy Enterprise - Automatic Configuration

By Mira Cho   •   October 15, 2020

Many LaunchDarkly customers run the Relay Proxy inside their network to retrieve LaunchDarkly flags and rules, consolidate connections, and add an extra layer of redundancy. Today, we are launching Relay Proxy Enterprise, a smarter Relay Proxy that offers better configurability and doesn't require application restarts. This adds features on top of the standard Relay Proxy functionality to make it easier to run at enterprise scale, including automatic configuration and an in-app UI.

Automatically detect new configurations

Automatic configuration lets Relay Proxy detect new environments, new projects, and key rotations so you never have to restart your Relay Proxy when updating its configuration.

If you're setting up the Relay Proxy with automatic configuration, you can now write a policy which includes the set of resources you care about, and then the Relay Proxy will automatically listen for when:

  • Environments are created
  • Environment names change
  • Environment tags are updated
  • Projects are created
  • Project names change
  • Project tags are updated
  • SDK or mobile keys are rotated

You can set up as many configurations as you need for the sets of projects and environments required for your team. And, you can stay online all the time—no more restarts are required to add projects or resources to your Relay Proxy configuration.

New UI for Key Support

Now, you can more easily manage the creation and management of Relay Proxy configurations from a new in-app UI. This page allows you to create configurations that specify which projects, environments, and tags to include in each Relay Proxy configuration. Cycle and delete configurations with a button click. You can optionally restrict access to the Relay Proxy configurations with a new set of custom roles.



What's next?

This is the first of a string of improvements with Relay Proxy Enterprise designed to work with your large organization's needs. Next, we'll be developing an offline feature for Relay Proxy Enterprise to support working in offline and secure environments.

Get started

Use the new features of Relay Proxy Enterprise today, along with new open-source tools like our load testing framework to make it easier and safer for your teams to manage your features and service infrastructure.

Starting today, your team can upgrade to Relay Proxy version 6.0 or higher to access the new features. Functionality for existing versions will not be affected.

Relay Proxy Enterprise is available to all Enterprise plans. Learn more by reading our documentation, and to try an Enterprise plan, contact

As always, feel free to email our Product Team at with your comments and suggestions.

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