Two founders get real on continuous delivery and software development

By Andrea Echstenkamper   •   June 17, 2016

Since last August, Edith Harbaugh and Paul Biggar have been making continuous delivery and software development way more fun.  The two are co-hosts of the podcast To Be Continuous, hosted by HeavyBit industries. To Be Continuous is part history lesson, part comedy show, and part an education in software best and worst practices.  They have discussed everything from the dirty secrets of product management to the true meaning of SaaS.  

The two are in the continuous integration/continuous delivery space – Edith as co-founder and CEO of LaunchDarkly and Paul as founder of CircleCI.  They mix their own experiences with quintessential industry case studies to capture the real zeitgeist of the software industry in the Bay Area.

Here’s what people are saying about it:


Here are some of my favorite episodes:

You can find the full episode list here including episodes with special guests such as Peter Van Hardenberg from Heroku, Kevin Henrikson, Partner Director of Engineering at Microsoft, and ex-Facebook & VMware Director, current angel investor Jocelyn Goldfein.  

Even after 20 episodes and 21 hours of conversation, there’s still plenty left to discuss.  Do you have a topic you’d like to see Paul and Edith cover?  Ping them at @ContinuousCast.

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