Bright 2019 for LaunchDarkly

Team LaunchDarkly

2019 was an amazing, bright year for LaunchDarkly. We believe that software powers the world, and LaunchDarkly empowers all teams to manage and control their software. After five years, it has been exciting to see how we empower across teams of developers, product managers, sales, customer success, and marketing to move faster without adding risk. LaunchDarkly now has over 1,000 customers worldwide and serves one trillion (with a t!) features daily. 

I personally enjoyed visiting customers in Europe, Australia, and the United States. What’s driving our growth is a continued surge in demand for feature management – customers like IBM, TrueCar, and Intuit are using LaunchDarkly to control their feature lifecycles, eliminate risk, and increase efficiency through development cycles. Having worked in engineering, product management, and marketing, I love visiting customers and seeing how much happier and more productive their own teams are from using LaunchDarkly. 

Over the past year, we continued to improve the LaunchDarkly platform, including add-ons to core feature management functionality: 

  • Experimentation – enabling teams to test ideas in production
  • Data Export – allowing teams to extract data into external analysis tools
  • Mobile Monthly Active User Packs – for feature management on mobile devices

As we believe software powers the world, we now support over twenty languages, allowing our customers to use LaunchDarkly on mobile clients, desktop apps, and Internet of Things. Our customers can also use LaunchDarkly in their own workflows, using integrations we enhanced with GitHub, HashiCorp, Segment, Slack, and other partners. 

We had our first conference, Trajectory Conference, in downtown Oakland, California. Industry leaders from organizations like Slack, Microsoft, Datadog, AWS, and IBM gave talks about how their teams are modernizing software development practices. IBM presented on how they used LaunchDarkly to move deploy time from weeks to multiple times a day, and Seesaw presented product management use cases. We plan to host Trajectory Conference again on April 29-30, 2020.

To help drive our growth in 2020, our current investors added an additional $54M in funding, for $130M total in funding. We will continue to grow our product, sales, customer success, and marketing teams in our Oakland HQ. We will also expand our NYC hub, and open London and Sydney hubs to support our international customers. I am very excited about 2020 and want to thank our customers, John Kodumal, CTO and Co-founder, the entire Team LaunchDarkly, and our investors for helping us empower everyone with better software.

Edith Harbaugh is CEO & Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly, the leading feature management platform. LaunchDarkly serves over a thousand global customers like IBM, Atlassian, and Intuit. She has more than 15 years of experience in engineering, product, and marketing with both consumer and enterprise startups, including TripIt and Concur. She is co-host of "To Be Continuous," a podcast on software trends. She holds two patents in deployment. Edith earned a B.S. in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College.