Feature Management: A New Best Practice

What Is Feature Management?

Feature management is a new class of software development tools and techniques anchored in the use of feature flags. Feature flags act as control levers in your code, letting you decouple deployments from releases. Feature management enables teams to use feature flags in sophisticated ways on a massive scale. It is a key driver of modern development practices such as DevOps, CI/CD, and Progressive Delivery.


Feature Flags

Feature flagging is not a new concept. For decades development teams have utilized this concept by wrapping a section of code with a targeted if/else statement, allowing them to control its release to their end users.

Starting to feature flag isn't hard, but managing feature flags at scale with granular control over who sees what is. Tracking multiple flags across various environments and projects—while also keeping everyone in sync and compliant—can be challenging.

How are industry leaders doing this?


Introducing Feature Management

Leading teams are using feature management platforms to reduce risk and launch their ideas at inception. By separating code deployments from feature releases, they can safely test in production, get valuable feedback, and release new features continuously to nurture customer expectations.


Feature Flag Visibility

Managing feature flags at scale means having visibility into your features across environments and projects. Use custom roles to provide granular access control, and an audit log for real-time visibility into changes made.


Built for Teams

Delivering software faster comes with risk. Empower your teams to collaborate effectively and maintain stability. Dev and ops teams deploy code when ready, and product can independently release features when they want to.


End User Targeting

Deliver the experience your customers want. Powerful custom targeting rules segment users based on any attribute. Use percentage rollouts to validate new features. And test safely when experimenting with new features.


Real-Time Updates

Keeping your systems in sync is important, especially when supporting microservices. LaunchDarkly's unique streaming architecture serves flags in microseconds. Changes are pushed instantly, whether you're turning a feature on/off.


Who would I recommend use LaunchDarkly? Any organization who wants to move faster with less risk.


Josh Chu

Engineering Director, Upserve

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