Feature Management

What is feature management?

Feature management gives you peace of mind and control over your software, so you can boost developer productivity, improve morale, and accelerate innovation.

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Feature management

Feature management is a new class of software development tools and techniques rooted in feature flags. It provides a holistic framework for feature flag-driven development, A/B testing, and experimentation, enabling teams to use flags on a massive scale across a variety of use cases.

Feature management, or feature flag management, is a key driver of modern development practices such as DevOps, CI/CD, and Progressive Delivery. Teams that employ feature management increase developer productivity, maintain high system performance, and continuously improve the quality of their software.

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Feature flags

Feature flags are if-else statements that decouple code deployments from feature releases, giving you control over which end-users see which features. Developers have used feature toggles for decades. But historically, they've confined their use to simple Boolean flags within one engineering team, platform, and application.

Such an approach, while easy to manage, limits the value of feature flagging. Using multivariate flags across several teams, platforms, and applications, on the other hand, is much harder but yields the greatest rewards. Feature management makes this high-yield approach possible.

It’s simple. We’re able to ship value to customers faster and get feedback sooner, which improves the overall experience.

Bevan BlackieDevelopment Manager

Introducing feature management

A best practice in modern software development that reduces risk, speeds up code delivery, and makes stress disappear.

Make feature management a reality

Test safely and personalize

Segment users based on any attribute with powerful custom targeting rules. Progressively release features to these segments to run canary tests, validate new features with experiments, and tailor the experience to each user. If things go wrong, just hit a kill switch.

Track and manage every flag

Managing feature flags at scale requires visibility into your features across environments and projects. Use custom roles to provide granular access control, audit logs to track changes in real-time, and code references to clean up old flags.

Enjoy real-time flag updates

Keeping your systems in sync is critical, especially when supporting microservices. LaunchDarkly’s feature management platform evaluates flag changes in 200 milliseconds, synchronizing them across any platform, environment, and service.

Empower all teams

Give non-developers more control over software delivery to enhance the customer experience and save engineers time. Developers can deploy when they want, and the business can release when they—and their customers—are ready.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

IBMMichael McKaySr. Development Manager

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