Launched: Enhanced Usage Metrics

By Sachin Agarwal   •   July 16, 2018

LaunchDarkly allows you to put any part of your infrastructure behind flags. From large products to the smallest features—you can control your users' experiences with LaunchDarkly's feature management platform. As our customers have grown with us, we've had requests to surface more information about how their applications are using LaunchDarkly. Today, we're pleased to announce new billing and usage metrics that will help you identify and categorize your usage of the LaunchDarkly platform.

You can find these new metrics on the Billing and the new Usage tabs, located under Account Settings in your LaunchDarkly dashboard. The new billing metrics show how many client and server-side monthly active users (MAUs) you're tracking in LaunchDarkly, the number of projects and environments you have set up, and the number of seats you're using under your plan. You can easily see your usage, and adjust your plan as you need to accommodate your application's or organization's growth.

The new usage metrics tell you more about how your application and members of your organization are using LaunchDarkly. Under usage, you can see how many LaunchDarkly seats, projects, and environments your organization is using. You can also see how many unique MAUs LaunchDarkly is tracking, broken out by browser and mobile MAUs. You can also see the number of server connections your application has with LaunchDarkly, and you can visualize that by hour, day, or over the past month to see trends.

If you have an Enterprise plan, you can also see metrics related to Experimentation and Data Export. For Experimentation, you can see the number of experimental events as well as the average over the last hour up to the last 60 days. For Data Export, you can see the number of events published along with the average—again, from a time period as short as one hour to as long as the last 60 days.

We're always looking for more ways to make it easier to use and to understand how your applications are using LaunchDarkly. If you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear them. Just email us at !

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