Launched: Haskell SDK


We’re happy to announce that the LaunchDarkly SDK for Haskell is now generally available.

Haskell represents the first time we are supporting a purely functional programming language, enabling feature flags in new contexts. You’ll be able to manage features where correctness matters most—including your backend REST APIs, internal applications, R&D projects, and an increasing number of commercial applications. Use the Haskell SDK to feature flag applications built in popular Haskell frameworks like servant and yesod.

Use the Haskell SDK to access LaunchDarkly’s full feature management suite including progressive rollouts, experimentation, and more, for a consistent developer experience across your entire stack and app suite. Toggling a LaunchDarkly feature flag can result in simultaneous behavioral changes across all platforms within a matter of milliseconds.

Read the reference guide for information on how to get started, and learn about how to embed the SDK in your app, view our open-source code, and run a sample application. If you have questions, reach out to our support team at

Combine one of our client-side SDKs with any of our server-side SDKs to manage features across your entire application stack.

Don’t see your tech stack supported by our SDKs? Email us and let us know!

Mira Cho
Mira Cho is a Product Manager at LaunchDarkly. She has a background in consumer and financial tech. She loves data models, behavioral economics, and having 143 different hobbies.