November will see us host our third annual conference, Trajectory, an event dedicated to speed, safety, and the overall art of delivery. The first-ever Trajectory was held in April 2019—one  week after I joined LaunchDarkly. The mix of nerves and excitement to learn and hear about this new-to-me space was high. Three years in, I’m still as excited to learn from the speakers. 

In this year's entirely virtual event, we'll be celebrating the people working to build better software, teams, and processes, all at pace while striving to eliminate risk. 

Over two days, we'll hear from a selection of the best and brightest voices across engineering, DevOps, and sociology to explore what it means to be able to deliver value at a controlled rate. 

Our keynote speakers—social scientist Ron Westrum, founder and CEO Mik Kersten, and author and researcher Gene Kim—will lead us throughout our two-day agenda alongside LaunchDarkly’s co-founders: CEO, Edith Harbaugh and CTO, John Kodumal. 

The themes for this year underscore the core obstacles that organizations have faced over the past few years. In addition to understanding how to move and iterate with velocity, we'll also be paying close attention to the rise of platform engineering as a discipline and delving into what it means to create a self-service architecture that teams genuinely feel empowered to use. 

In total, we'll be exploring the following five subject areas:

  • Experimentation - Including discussions around running successful experiments, testing in production, and using those findings to iterate based on customer feedback before launching a feature.
  • Platform engineering - Assessing the critical components and behaviors necessary to provide foundational self-service capabilities to product teams, looking at the differences and areas of cross-over between SRE and platform engineering, and finally addressing the bleeding edge of where hardware and software infrastructure meet.
  • Value-stream mapping - With a particular focus on how value-stream mapping can improve collaboration between business and IT teams, helping to identify waste, reduce processing cycle times, and perfect processes.
  • Developer productivity - Understanding the various dimensions of productivity and the impact that proper tooling and workflows can have on our output levels.
  • Reliability and resilience - Analyzing the challenges facing SREs and DevOps teams and how elite performers work to minimize failures' frequency and impacts.

I’ve had a chance to see some previews of the talks and the agenda promises a balance between large enterprises and smaller start-ups. There are talks focused on culture as well as code, because both are equally as important. The talks at trajectory provide opportunities for you to change your approach and look at software development from different perspectives. 

We'll be hosting Trajectory from Tuesday, November 9 through Wednesday, November 10, from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 pm (PT). Head here to register for your spot and join our over 3,000 technologist attendees in just four weeks.