My first week at LaunchDarkly…has it only been a week?

Why leading companies dark launch credit pixbay

LaunchDarkly is by far the earliest startup I have been a part of, and from day one, I felt a responsibility and opportunity to contribute to its limitless potential. I considered my last company a startup (around 400 employees when I joined), but I have quickly realized that was not an accurate description. While there was some startup culture still present (and that’s what I liked about it), LaunchDarkly embodies everything I could want from a startup.

It all starts with the product and the market opportunity. As a sales professional I was looking for a product that had a positive reception from customers and stories of providing real value- this was evident on day one. From a new user excited to set up their first feature flag, to a current customer relaying that LaunchDarkly has completely revolutionized their dev process for the better- it has been all positive feedback so far.

A great product is built by a great team, and I have enjoyed getting to know this team over the past week. If I were to describe the team in one word, it would be “brilliant.” I am very grateful to come to work every day and be surrounded by people smarter than me that I can learn from and be challenged by. We all eat lunch together each day and while it is a casual hang out, I learn something new every time we sit down together.

No company can predict its future success, but if I were a betting man, I’d put my chips on LaunchDarkly. I am excited to help companies further their continuous delivery efforts and Launch our company to new heights!

Justin is a world-traveling, rock climbing, and drum-playing individual. With a B.A in Communications from San Francisco State University, he naturally fell into sales. At New Relic, Justin helped companies of all shapes and sizes gain visibily into their applications and user experience. He subsequently found a sense of satisfaction working with engineers to make the software we use everyday better. When he is not working, you can find him at any number of San Francisco's great food spots or out with his friends sipping on an old fashioned.