Announcing the Lineup for Trajectory LIVE

By Andrea Echstenkamper   •   July 28, 2020

The time is drawing near for LaunchDarkly's first virtual conference Trajectory LIVE! And good news for those looking to attend - the agenda is now LIVE! 

After our first Trajectory Conference in 2019, we were excited to see how well the software development community found value in the content, particularly as it touched upon testing in production, processes, and bias. But as you all know, 2020 has been different. With a global pandemic restricting travel and face-to-face interactions, we've decided to take the conference online for the first-ever Trajectory LIVE. We are happy that our customers and community can join no matter where they are in the world!  

Leading up to the main event, attendees can join us for four coffee-break-sized Nano sessions. These sessions will highlight how teams are using feature management to build, operate, learn, and empower. Then, for the full Trajectory LIVE conference, you'll get two half-days filled with keynotes, product updates, talks, and interactive sessions. 

We know this isn't quite the same as an in-person event, and we'll miss the impromptu hallway conversations! But we're excited to bring these conversations to you in a format that we think will suit our new way of working. With shorter bites of content and conversation, we hope to create some excitement leading up to two shorter sessions, with some fun interactive breaks, rather than one exhausting full day of eye-bleeding videos.  

The Nano series premieres tomorrow Wednesday, July 29. Register for Trajectory LIVE and the Nano Series

What to expect at Trajectory LIVE

Whether you're a LaunchDarkly customer or fan, or if you're just interested in modern development, DevOps, Progressive Delivery, and other similar topics, we'd love to see you there! 

Trajectory will feature speakers who are pioneering modern development practices. Emily Freeman, senior cloud advocate at Microsoft, will deliver a keynote focusing on DevOps—what it means as a concept, and how teams can use people, process, and tools to enable better software delivery. And James Governor, Principal Analyst and Co-Founder of RedMonk, will share how the new development life cycle Progressive Delivery came to be.

In addition to talks and sessions with LaunchDarkly leadership, including co-founders Edith Harbaugh and John Kodumal, various sessions will be led by well-known software leaders including Michael McKay, senior development manager at IBM; Liz Fong-Jones, developer advocate at Honeycomb; and Aaron Kraft, director of DevOps and test engineering at H&R Block. 

Attendees can expect to hear learnings and best practices, participate in open forum discussions, and network with peers. Community members familiar with LaunchDarkly's Test in Production Meetup will appreciate the similarities in the topics covered and engaging format. The agenda includes sessions on observability, release practices, hypothesis-driven development, chaos engineering, continuous deployment, and Progressive Delivery.

A huge thank you to our sponsors Rollbar, InVision,, Code Climate, NS1, and Gremlin for coming with us as we take Trajectory to this new online space. Excited to see you all there.

See the full agenda and register for the free conference!

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