It’s that time of year—the day when you show people how much you care by giving them chocolate, flowers, and stuffed animals. We didn’t want today to go by without acknowledging how much we care about you. Please enjoy these feature management poems written by some of our team members. May these bring a smile, or maybe a cringe, to your face. 

Roses are red
Violets are blue 
Feature flags reduce toil
You know it’s true

- Dawn Parzych

Like a steady flag
We stand strong against the winds
Of uncertainty

- Andy Bold 

You can manage your features with ease
Stop fearing Friday deploys, please
Just add a flag
There’s no network lag
Control all that your end user sees.

- Adam Zimman 

There once was a dev named Toggle,
Whose releases were a true boondoggle.
With features now controlled,
If I may be so bold,
The team now moves faster than a frog’ll

- Patrick Kaeding 

Our deploys took the team a whole day.
Now, with flags, we’ve a much better way.
Prep’s easy for one:
In five minutes, I’m done.
No really, I’m done. Go away.

- Yoz Grahame

We hope you enjoyed these poems. Please remember we’re technologists, not poets.