Yoz Grahame

Yoz Grahame is a Developer Advocate for LaunchDarkly because he wants software engineering to be far less painful than it is now. Previous involvements include: the US Government (in the 18F group), Compaas, Linden Lab, British e-democracy projects WriteToThem and TheyWorkForYou, and Douglas Adams’ startup The Digital Village. On the amateur wrestling circuit he goes by the alias “Dr. Henry Metzger.”

Stories by Yoz Grahame
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By Yoz Grahame   •   October 28, 2020
GENERAL10 Days of Errors
By Yoz Grahame   •   October 19, 2020
INDUSTRY INSIGHTSNano Series Takeaways: “Shipping and Learning Fast via Feature Flags”
By Yoz Grahame   •   August 14, 2020
FEATURE MANAGEMENTFeature Management Platform: Build or Buy?
By Yoz Grahame   •   May 28, 2020
DEVOPSManaging Feature Flags with Terraform
By Yoz Grahame   •   November 1, 2019