We are so excited for our first conference, Trajectory! We thought you might be interested in learning why we've decided this is the right time for a conference about feature management, feature flagging, testing in production, and trunk-based development.

We want to learn from you.

As a developer advocate, I spend a bunch of my time in the field, going to conferences, and listening to what's happening in the world. I know there are people who are stone-cold experts in flagging systems out there, I've met them and heard them talk. We want to give you a reason to get together and talk to us, and each other, about what you've discovered about scale, technical debt, and best practices. We saw that Gremlin's ChaosConf and Honeycomb's o11ycon gave practitioners the opportunity to exchange information and cross-pollinate ideas, and we'd like to carry that on. I firmly believe that getting people with a common interest together leads to leaps for the entire category they talk about. Look at DevOpsDays!

People are hungry for best practices.

Sure, I can tell you about what kinds of flag naming schemes work best, but wouldn't you rather hear it from someone who is doing it at massive scale and has been for years? Getting people together—from beginners, to people who built their own systems, to our customers who are using us at scale—gives us all a chance to learn and codify best practices. At LaunchDarkly, we feel like this year is an inflection point for feature management adoption, and as a part of this space, we want to help the best practices apply as broadly as possible. We hope that Trajectory will let us share how testing, design, development, release, and sales can all be accelerated and made more powerful. How are you reaching escape velocity? We'd like to hear.

We think you're awesome and have great ideas!

We have plans for the direction of LaunchDarkly and know what's next on our wishlist, but we want to make sure it's going to serve you, our customers and potential customers. It's no fun building a great technological achievement that doesn't actually help teams. When people ask me how Edith and John got the idea for Feature Flags as a Service, I always tell them the story Edith shared with me: she was on so many late-night, weekend deploy bridges that she grew to hate them, and eventually was inspired to build a product that allows people to launch and test their software without late-night drama or stress. We always want to be doing that, making your life easier—so tell us how!

We're really excited for Trajectory. We've already received so many great proposals from a range of personas in the community. Adrian Cockcroft, Vice President Cloud Architecture Strategy, Amazon Web Services, will be giving the keynote, and Cindy Alvarez, Principal PM Manager at Microsoft, will also host a session. The main full-day event will feature two tracks of content: one focused on DevOps best practices and the other future vision. Topics covered will include testing in production, progressive delivery, observability, experimentation, continuous delivery, chaos engineering, microservices, and DevOps 2.0 to name a few.

If you are interesting in giving a talk, the CFP has been extended until Friday, February 15th. Otherwise, you can register for Trajectory here. We hope to see you there!