LaunchDarkly Feature Management Platform

Dynamically control the availability of application features to your users.

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Why Feature Management

Modern development and operations teams are using feature management to deliver faster and take on more development cycles. This best practice enables engineering teams of any size to continuously deploy code, and empowers business teams with control over features so they can manage their customers' experience. With the LaunchDarkly Feature Management Platform, leading teams are able to reduce risk and launch their ideas at inception.


Speed up the pace of software delivery by separating code deployments from feature releases. Deploy when you want, release when you’re ready.


Lower the cost of being wrong by using feature flags to rollout new features and services or when migrating systems. Monitor and manage your features in real-time.


Test robust functionality instead of just cosmetic changes. Gather critical data on how your features are performing and their impact on your infrastructure to make data-driven decisions.

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Feature Flags


Modern Flags

Our feature flags are cross-platform supported, multi-lingual and updates are delivered consistently across all your services in real-time.


Set up, review, and maintain the entire lifecycle of your feature flags from creation to clean-up.

Oversight & Control

Manage your feature flags at scale with granular access controls for different members of your organization.

Sophisticated User Targeting

Segment and target users by any custom attribute in your application so you can test new features without impacting your entire user base.


Keep your flags in different projects and environments to make it simple for teams to build, test, and release new features at their own pace.


Test and measure important business goals and then export the data into your preferred BI tool for data analysis.



Every LaunchDarkly product feature is built API-first. Our full-featured APIs enable you to build custom integrations, export data and automate feature flag workflows.

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Connect with the tools you use every day for monitoring, collaboration, and data analysis.

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Flag Insights - Get a ‘play-by-play’ look at how a feature is performing in a timeline view.

Automated Data Export - Connect our real-time stream of raw analytics to Amazon Kinesis, Google Cloud PubSub, or Segment.

Usage Metrics - Review your usage trends and plan for the future.

Audit Log & History - Jump back in time and gain critical insights on all the changes made throughout your environments.

Debugger - Quickly verify that your LaunchDarkly flags are setup as intended.

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Enterprise-Grade Architecture

Streaming Architecture - Deliver changes consistently across every user, server and system within 200ms.

Reliability at Scale - All flags are stored locally and backed up by two layers of globally distributed CDNs.

Access Controls - Control which users have access to LaunchDarkly with granular detail.

Data Security - Keep compliant with your internal security protocols by enabling our enhanced security features.

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