Feature Management

Build vs. buy a feature flagging system.

Implementing enterprise feature management as a best practice.

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Things to consider



Time, money, and energy.


Building and maintaining an in-house feature flag system comparable to LaunchDarkly is expensive, time-consuming, and often unfeasible. Engineers pour energy into feature toggles when they could be developing revenue-generating features. Moreover, it’s hard to build a solution that reliably supports practices like trunk-based development. This hurts developer productivity.


LaunchDarkly frees you from worrying about feature flags. Developers can focus on innovation. No matter your platform, application, or architecture, you can trust that LaunchDarkly will work reliably, further boosting your confidence in using feature flags. The more you use flags for modern development practices like canary testing, percentage rollouts, and CI/CD, the greater your overall developer productivity.



Feature breadth, regulatory compliance, and integrations.


Building multiple feature flagging systems for multiple teams, applications, platforms, languages, and so on can quickly become a nightmare. Adapting your homegrown solution to a new architecture (e.g., microservices) can be equally challenging. Moreover, it’s one thing to support basic Booleans. But supporting multivariate flags, experimentation, cloud migrations, and other complex use cases are another thing entirely.


LaunchDarkly supports a wide range of use cases spanning release management, operations, and experimentation. We also enable fine-grained targeting and user segmentation. LaunchDarkly offers custom access control for enterprise governance, automatic kill switches, and standardized release templates. We support all major languages and platforms, integrating with even the most complex development workflows.



Speed, scalability, and reliability.


Your team’s feature flagging needs will change over time. As such, you must constantly evolve your homegrown tool in terms of usability, flexibility, and scalability. Perhaps even more painful is the endless challenge of ensuring high performance. For example, it’s not uncommon for in-house systems to take several minutes to evaluate a single flag change. All of this slows your engineers down.


LaunchDarkly is the developer’s choice for a reason. It’s flexible, scalable, and powerful. We see feature flags as critical infrastructure and have designed our platform with that in mind. LaunchDarkly’s first-class architecture processes flag changes in 200ms, offers several layers of redundancy, and serves 20+ trillion flags worldwide every day. When you make code changes in production, they happen instantly.

Big companies take on risk when adopting tools. But I don’t worry about functionality, reliability, or support with LaunchDarkly. It just works.

George SwanSr. Director - Build Platform

LaunchDarkly feature management platform

Create, organize, and maintain flags at any scale.

Intuitive dashboard

An interface that empowers developers and non-developers alike.

Built for all apps

Full-featured APIs and SDKs in every major language.


Connect flag data to the tools powering your development workflow.

Compliance & admin controls

Full auditing visibility and granular role-based access control.

Experimentation & analysis

Optimize performance with built-in experimentation and data export.


Streaming architecture delivers feature flag changes in under 200ms.


Handles over 20 trillion events worldwide on peak days.


99.9% uptime with multiple layers of redundancy.

Automated workflows

Risk-free automation powered by Feature Workflows.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

IBMMichael McKaySr. Development Manager

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