AWS re:Invent has kicked off virtually this year, and with it three weeks of programming. There is a lot of great content, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, we’ve  got you covered. 

Earlier this week I saw a post from my friend Ana Medina at Gremlin regarding the reliability talks at AWS re:Invent. She inspired me to dig through the talks and find those related to releasing and deploying software. 

Below are my picks of sessions to watch for insights and learnings around releasing and deploying software. One of the great things about the virtual format is the talks are being hosted at multiple times, so you can pick the time slot that works best for you. 

Choosing the right modern deployment strategy 

Why watch: Everybody has their opinion on the “best” way to deploy software, but there is no one size fits all. What works for one company may not be the best strategy for another. This talk will explore the various options to help you decide what is best for your organization. 

Options to watch: 

Tuesday, December 8th 2:15 PM PST 

Tuesday, December 8th 10:15 PM PST

Wednesday, December 9th 6:15 AM PST


Mistakes were made, lessons were learned

Why watch: Having spent a portion of the year speaking and writing about failure, this talk is at the top of my list. Mistakes are inevitable, learning how to respond to and tackle mistakes is a critical part of software delivery. 

Options to watch: 

Wednesday, December 9th 7:15 AM PST

Wednesday, December 9th 3:15 PM PST 

Wednesday, December 9th 11:15 PM PST

De-risking migration and modernization initiatives

Why watch: Migrations can be daunting, learn how to identify the risks and use the right strategies like A/B tests and feature flags, to safely and quickly migrate and modernize your tech stack. 

Options to watch:

Tuesday, December 15th 12:15 PM PST

Tuesday, December 15th 8:15 PM PST

Wednesday, December 16th 4:15 AM PST

Learn how teams at Amazon rapidly release features at scale

Why watch: We regularly talk about separating deploys from releases. I’m often asked how this can be done at scale. I’m looking forward to learning new strategies to share with customers. 

Options to watch:

Thursday, December 17th 8 AM PST

Thursday, December 17th 4 PM PST

Friday, December 18th 12 AM PST


Canaries in the code mines: Monitoring deployment pipelines 

Why watch: Deploying and releasing software successfully relies on monitoring. How do you know if a deployment is having issues unless you are tracking key metrics? Don’t deploy and forget it, learn which metrics to track to ensure successful deployments. 

Options to watch:

Thursday, December 10th 10:15 AM PST

Thursday, December 10th 6:15 PM PST

Friday, December 11th, 2:15 AM PST


To monitor or to observe: The million-dollar question 

Why watch: Here’s one I’ve already watched on demand. James Governor, from Red Monk, shares his thoughts on observability, progressive delivery, and how to build systems to foster experimentation. 

Options to watch: 


Thursday, December 17th 12:45 PM PST 

Thursday, December 17th, 8:45 PM PST 

Friday, December 18th 4:45 AM PST


If you want to learn more about Progressive Delivery, after listening to James Governor describe it download our Progressive Delivery eBook.