Announcing the new Azure Event Hubs integration for LaunchDarkly Data Export!

Teams use LaunchDarkly feature flags to control rollouts, manage pricing tiers, experiment on user experiences, and orchestrate infrastructure updates — all neatly organized with powerful targeting rules tailored to each launch.

In each case, feature flags are evaluated to decide what behavior should occur, and LaunchDarkly captures critical decision-point data that teams can use to make smarter decisions. With our Data Export add-on, LaunchDarkly provides feature flag evaluations in real-time for teams to analyze user cohorts and combine with existing data sets.

Integrating the new Azure Event Hubs destination with Data Export enables you and your team to pipe a real-time stream of raw feature flag analytics directly into your database. Once in your database, you can construct detailed customer cohort analysis and monitor a rollout's success with target demographics. Or debug problems in a specific analysis tool.

If you and your team would like to make smarter decisions with your customer data, check out Data Export and the Azure Event Hubs integration.

How to get started with Azure Event Hubs for LaunchDarkly

The Data Export add-on is available to LaunchDarkly customers on Enterprise plans, which includes access to Azure Event Hubs and four other popular destination types.

To get started with Data Export, contact Learn more about Data Export by reading the documentation, and, as always, feel free to email our Product Team at with your comments and suggestions.