Launched: Elastic (ELK) Stack Integration


I’m happy to announce we’ve launched an integration for the Elastic Stack! Coming from Elastic myself, I was thrilled to draw upon my experience and help build something useful right out of the gates.

Looking at all the existing integrations for LaunchDarkly, I could see the obvious themes of Observability. Of course, if your distributed systems start getting wonky and acting all out of sorts, you want to know why. Probably 80-90 percent of the time, it’s because someone made a change. Wouldn’t it be great to see that annotated on top of your error rates right before that huge spike occurs?


With our Elastic Stack integration, you can navigate to the LaunchDarkly dashboard, find the annotated flag, and turn it off. Systems move back towards stability in less than 200ms. Customers are happy again, and your boss is thrilled.

If you’re using Elastic for observability, go ahead right now and enable that integration on our integrations page. Check out our documentation for how to get started quickly.

That’s really just the beginning of this story.

Elastic provides a tremendously flexible search platform that can perform analytics on any arbitrary data you send it. You could make use of Elastic’s Watcher feature to create robust circuit breakers, measure the impact your increased use of feature flags has on system resilience, or analyze how your decreased downtime and streamlined software launches have improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

The Elastic Stack integration can get your feature flag data into Elastic. What you do with it from there is up to you.

Stay tuned as we offer even more insight into some advanced configurations and how you can leverage LaunchDarkly data alongside your existing observability tools, to improve the resilience of your distributed systems and improve the safety of your software deployments.

Aaron Aldrich
Aaron Aldrich is a Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly, founding organizer of DevOpsDays Hartford, and frequent DevOpsDays organizer and participant all over. When not talking about DevOps and Resilience Engineering, you can find him talking about Mental Health with or running Emotional Intelligence workshops with Find him on twitter @crayzeigh for general nonsense and tomfoolery.