LaunchDarkly's LogDNA integration is now live! Include feature flag activity logs next to your application logs in LogDNA to correlate log changes with changes to LaunchDarkly flags, projects, environments, or other entities.

What is LogDNA?

LogDNA is a centralized log management solution that empowers DevOps teams with the tools that they need to develop and debug their applications with ease. LogDNA's innovative features put users in control of their data, allowing them to gain valuable insights from their logs.

What would I use this for?

When you're looking at your application logs next to your LaunchDarkly activity logs, it becomes easy to see feature changes and rollouts next to log changes. Select LaunchDarkly as a source to expand the log statements for deeper event details.

How does this work?

Our integration sends LaunchDarkly audit log events to LogDNA so that LD events show in context with other log events in the LogDNA console. This could be useful when investigating issues with a system or service and determining if a feature flag change could have caused the issue.

Interested in hearing more?

We are very excited to be teaming up with the LogDNA team to talk about the story of our two companies and how they can work together! If you want to dive deeper into what each one provides, keep an eye out for some collaborative webinars! We may not be able to see you at events, but we definitely want to continue sharing what we're working on with each other. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter at @launchdarkly or @logdna!

In the meantime, we invite you to read our documentation to review how to configure the integration. Alternatively, view your in-app integrations page to configure or edit policies. This integration is available to all LaunchDarkly customers. Interested in seeing some more integrations? Email us and let us know.