Launched: SignalFx Integration


We’re glad to be launching our SignalFx integration today. This means you can now send LaunchDarkly events on feature flags, projects, or team members to SignalFx, where you can monitor these events alongside your other metrics and set up dashboards that include those events.


What do I do next?

Read the docs to configure the integration and for information on how to get started. Visit your in-app integrations page to configure or edit policies. This integration is available to all LaunchDarkly customers. Want more integrations than what we offer? Email us and let us know.

If you don’t have a LaunchDarkly account, contact or start a free trial today.

Mira Cho
Mira Cho is a Product Manager at LaunchDarkly. She has a background in consumer and financial tech. She loves data models, behavioral economics, and having 143 different hobbies.