We are producing another* podcast!

Like everyone else over the course of this past year, we have missed connecting with others within the DevOps community. We miss serendipity and the cumulative conversations we could have when we saw each other in new contexts.

So we started this new series to create a space where we can continue to have those discussions. Though this is a more curated effort than chance encounter, we’ve found these are important moments that we want to continue to make space for. 

We’re calling the podcast “Unintended Consequences,” because we want to create a space where we can gather some of our favorite thinkers and doers to talk with us about things they've learned the hard way. We're hoping that, as software and sociotechnical systems continue to evolve and affect each other, we can learn from the best of both worlds and iterate on the things we know in the moment.

The general theme of "Unintended Consequences" will be looking at how systems become large and complex, how they’re managed at scale, and how they change the lives of everyone they touch. Specifically, we’re discussing the unintended consequences of growth at scale previously unseen.

Our guests so far have included people like Charity Majors and Liz Fong-Jones of Honeycomb, Paul Biggar of Circle CI and Dark, and Dr. Aleks Krotoski, BBC Radio 4 journalist and social psychologist. 

Through these conversations, we’re looking for insights and compelling discussion around the surprises and learnings from scaling systems, the unexpected results, and an honest look at how these technologies affect the people that use them. And you know we all love a good scary story about things that went wrong or almost caught on fire.

We’re excited to launch the “Unintended Consequences” series with the support of Heavybit Industries. You can find our episodes and more in their library here, and we will be releasing new episodes twice a month. Check out the first episode, "Defending Our Thesis with Dr. Aleks Krotoski of BBC Radio 4," below.

*And if you’re interested in learning more about the original LaunchDarkly podcast, “To Be Continuous,” you can check it out here, also in the Heavybit library.