How AppDirect accelerates the release of product using LaunchDarkly

Feature flags allow teams to separate feature rollout from code deployment, and are fast becoming a best practice for DevOps.


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AppDirect is the leading cloud service marketplace and management company at the forefront of powering the global cloud economy. The global network of AppDirect-powered marketplaces allows businesses to find, buy, and manage the best applications the cloud has to offer.

LaunchDarkly is a service that allows us to do what we want to do much faster, much better. It allows us to iterate to find product-market fit in a much faster way which is important to a lean team. LaunchDarkly gives us the tools to bring products to market faster with ease and speed.

Bryan Jowers, Product Manager, AppDirect

Before LaunchDarkly

Before LaunchDarkly, feature flagging at AppDirect was simple. Unfortunately they weren't able to target individual users easily, and the risk involved was pretty high. Engineering would sometimes push back on flag requests because they didn't want introduce technical debt in their code. While the company was well aware of—and interested in—reaping the benefits of a feature management solution like Facebook's GateKeeper, they never had sufficient resources to make their own version.

Why AppDirect Chose LaunchDarkly

With LaunchDarkly, AppDirect has accelerated product releases. Being able to safely use feature flags in development, engineering is now utilizing modern development practices and merging code without waiting for the product team to review. Using feature flag driven development, the engineering team has improved their overall efficiency.

Furthermore, LaunchDarkly's easy to use UI means the product team can use and review features live, speeding up product delivery. They have been able to safely test in production and use custom targeting rules to get valuable feedback from specific beta groups weeks (or more) in advance of official releases.

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