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Flag Insights

Flag Insights

Gain full visibility into how a feature is performing over time. See how changes to targeting rules, new variations, or increased traffic affect application performance and user engagement. Flag Insights give teams confidence that a new rollout has gone well, surface unexpected user behavior, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Flag Insights

Understand trends

See trends on how many people are seeing each version of a flag over time.

Audit changes

Review every change made to a flag in a given time period.

Improve conversions

Comparing conversion rates for different variations of a feature.

Data Export

Data Export

Export real-time event data from LaunchDarkly—including feature flag requests, analytics events, custom events, experimentation events, and more—to your preferred analytics tools for further investigation. Data Export helps development and data science teams understand a feature’s impact on key metrics. And it powers predictive analytics and AI programs.

Data Export

Evaluate features

Gather all the evaluation data on a single feature flag including the users impacted, their evaluation date, and the flag result.

Summary events

Capture a total count for all feature evaluations and their results over a certain timeframe.

Custom events

Set up and collect custom event data by defining an explicit custom call to the LaunchDarkly SDK.

Audit Log

Audit Log

Track every change to your feature flags. The Audit Log is like an instant replay camera for LaunchDarkly, and helps teams maintain compliance with change management policies. Identifying exactly when a change was made helps you manage risk and resolve incidents more quickly.

Audit Log

Stay informed

Receive real-time updates when a flag’s status changes, including when new flags are created and old flags are retired.

Streamline workflows

Integrate the Audit Log into your existing change management workflows with webhooks or our Slack integration.

Examine changes

Drill into the specific changes made to a flag at the code level.

Usage metrics

Usage metrics

Gather metrics on how your application and team members use LaunchDarkly. Better plan for the future and continuously improve your feature management processes. Visualize and review trends on the number of client connections, client-side MAUs, experiments, and data exports used over a given time period.

Usage metrics

New and deleted flags

Review when new flags are created and old flags are retired.

Flag status

Real-time updates when flags are turned off and on.

Change details

Drill into the specific changes made to a flag at the code level.



Enjoy complete trust in your LaunchDarkly feature flags with real-time insights into the events your application is sending over. The Debugger lets you quickly verify whether LaunchDarkly flags are set up as intended and dig deeper when issues arise.


Review flag evaluations

See how many times your flag variations are being evaluated and view the corresponding results.

Identify users

Review specific users that are evaluating your flags, including any test users you’re actively tracking.

Identify goals

Check the status of goals and verify they are set up properly.

Feature flags are a critical piece of modern development, and LaunchDarkly brings this part of continuous delivery to the masses.

CircleCIRob ZuberCTO

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Michael McKayPrincipal Software Engineer