Run experiments and manage releases in one place.


Fuel product decisions with real-time data

Continuously improve your software by gathering data on the impact of new features.

Iterate rapidly

A/B test new ideas quickly; nix the bad ones and deliver the good ones to users with ease.

Predict release impact

Measure how new features affect system performance once they are deployed to production.

Ship the winners

Serve the winning variation immediately by updating the feature flag targeting rule to 100%.

Empower every team

Let anyone set up, monitor, and visualize experiments with little intervention from the data science team.

Feature management and experimentation

LaunchDarkly lets you run sophisticated A/B/n tests as you roll out a feature.

Multivariate flags

Test and evaluate multiple variants in each experiment.

Multivariate flags
Custom metrics

Define and measure the variables that matter most to your business.

Custom metrics
Targeting rules

Define specific users or groups to include in an experiment.

Targeting rules
Experiment results

Give teams instant access to the answers they need, so they can make good decisions.

Experiment results
Real-time updates

Roll out a feature to 100% of users upon identifying a winning feature variation.

Roll out winning feature variations to 100% of users instantly
Multivariate flags
Custom metrics
Targeting rules
Experiment results
Roll out winning feature variations to 100% of users instantly

The first experimentation tool for the entire team

Bridge the divide between developers and the business by integrating experiments with your normal software delivery process.


Measure the impact of code changes on application response times and error rates.


Track the rise in infrastructure costs after releasing new functionality or updating your architecture.

Product & Marketing

Test multiple variations of front-end features and see how they affect engagement and conversions.

Unite feature flags and experiments

1. Create a Flag

Every new feature should already be wrapped in a flag. Looks like you’re ready to go!

2. Assign Metrics

Define the data you want to collect: revenue impacts, page load time, server cost, etc.

3. Start Recording

Fine-tune your experiment audience and start recording data for assigned metrics.

Test. Ship. Repeat.

Flag + metrics = experiment

By tying metrics to a feature flag, you’re able to measure things like revenue impact, page load time, and server cost.

Seamless development workflows

Create a frictionless developer experience by weaving experimentation into your existing software delivery workflows.

Full-stack learning

Run experiments on anything in your stack, from simple front-end features to complex back-end changes to infrastructure.

Conversion & numeric baselines

Set a baseline or control variation and measure how far your new feature deviates from that baseline value.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

IBMMichael McKaySr. Development Manager

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