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Developers Love LaunchDarkly

Our platform helps development teams use feature flags at the core of their development practices. We help developers manage the full lifecycle of their features and run a variety of development use cases, including progressive delivery, infrastructure migrations, and experimentation.


Improve Your Release Speed

Separate deploy from release and safely test features in production.


Segment & Target the Right Users

Gradually expose a feature or service to any segment of users you choose.


Reduce Operational Risk

Deliver incremental changes to your systems faster and lower your operational risk.


Dynamically Control Features in Real-Time

Control the entire lifecycle of your features from start to finish and deliver changes within 200ms.


Deliver Features at the Speed of Innovation

LaunchDarkly helps development teams build better and more reliable software, faster. From continuous and progressive delivery to trunk-based development and blue-green deployments, we’ve got you covered. LaunchDarkly is the only feature management platform that supports every modern development, release management, and delivery technique.


Separate Deploy from Release - Get all the benefits of agile development and continuous delivery without the risk. LaunchDarkly separates code deployment from feature releases, so you can ship code whenever you want without impacting end users.

Iterate Faster - Something magical happens when you’re able to develop and test features without fear. You iterate on features a lot faster and end up delivering incremental changes you know your users actually want rather than praying you got it right.

Safely Test in Production - Stop “soaking” your code in staging. With LaunchDarkly developers can use feature flags to safely test their code in production early and often, encouraging a culture of real-time testing and feedback. Testing with real, live users will always yield better data than any mock testing environment plus you get a real understanding of your feature’s effect on performance.

The End of Merge Conflicts - Say goodbye to long lived feature branches which can take hours to resolve merge conflicts when you check the code back into master. Instead, wrap your code in feature flags and push the latest versions to production at any time without fear of impacting the wrong users.


My teams can focus on things that are really going to add value to our customers, rather than worrying about other things that are coupled but not directly related to a specific feature. This translates to teams spending more time focusing on the items that differentiate us as a company.


Bevan Blackie

Development Manager at Jira Cloud

Enterprises like Atlassian, NBC & IBM use LaunchDarkly to continuously deliver value to their customers.

Lower Your Operational Risk

Releasing faster can be scary if you don't have the right tools in place. Safely deliver on the promise of continuous delivery without sacrificing quality for the sake of speed.


Kill Switch - Turn off any feature or code path with the click of a mouse (or API call) within 200 milliseconds. No need to stay up all night rolling back code and deploying emergency fixes. Plus with flag prerequisites you can link features and services across applications together and take global control from a single switch.

Monitor & Troubleshoot Features - Advanced teams use LaunchDarkly's feature management platform to help troubleshoot and resolve issues in real-time, helping to create a culture of accountability. Developers can monitor their features and if they spot an issue, use the Audit Log to pinpoint the source of the incident, get a clear understanding of what took place, and take appropriate action (like hitting a kill switch).

Eliminate Risky Code & Bugs - No more waiting and wondering if there will be issues once a features gets into your production systems. Test how well your code stands up, early and often. Expose new features to your internal teams and run sanity tests, smoke tests, and beta tests all from within production. Find the bugs and eliminate them earlier in the product delivery process.


Target & Test with the Right Group of Users

Canary launches, percentage rollouts, ring deployments, beta tests; we support them all. Release features to users at your own pace. Start small, gain confidence, and ease your way to 100%.


Segment & Group Users - Manage the availability of features at the individual user level or create segments of users based on attributes relevant to your business. Create beta groups, manage subscription models or release features based on timezone.

Run A/B & Multivariate Tests - Run experiments that test robust functionality, not just cosmetic changes. Want to see if a piece of infrastructure is affecting your user’s experience? Test it against a second option and determine the optimal experience before rolling out across every user.

Gather Critical Feedback - Expose features to select users in real production environments. Gather critical insights and make adjustments before rolling out to the rest of your user base.


Gain Dynamic Control Over Your Features

Take control of your features like a super-admin. Coordinate and delegate release control to other teams in your organization, turn off features when they are causing performance issues or poor user experiences, and retire features when it’s just time to move on. You control everything, all in real-time. No more rollbacks, hotfixes or changes to config files.


Coordinated Releases - Create one centralized command center across all your applications to ensure consistent releases and global visibility. Use feature flag prerequisites to control granular features from a global level even if they are used within multiple applications or technology stacks. Turn everything off or on within 200 milliseconds, no matter where the code lives.

Sunset Unused Features - Feature flags are just as valuable for launching new functionality as they are for controlling when it’s time to say goodbye. At some point, old features will conflict with new features, or simply not be in use anymore. Use the LaunchDarkly platform to manage the entire lifecycle of your features including when you decide it’s time to retire a feature gracefully.

Product & Marketing Launches - Reduce the burden on your development team by giving application owners dynamic control over feature releases. LaunchDarkly's intuitive dashboard makes it easy for product and marketing teams to segment and target specific users for beta tests and roll out new features when they are ready.

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Any organization who wants to move faster with less risk.


Josh Chu

Engineering Director at Upserve

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