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Deliver on the 100% uptime your customers expect. Upgrade infrastructure safely. Change configurations on the fly. Dynamically control everything in real-time.

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DevOps Teams Love LaunchDarkly

Our platform helps DevOps teams use feature flags at the core of their operations practices. We help teams manage the full lifecycle of their features and run a variety of operational use cases, including progressive delivery, infrastructure migrations, and incident management.


Reduce Operational Risk

Deliver incremental changes to your systems faster and lower your operational risk.


Dynamically Control Features in Real-Time

Control the entire lifecycle of your features and services from start to finish.


Safely Manage Changes to Your Entire Stack

Upgrade your tech stack safely by introducing feature flags into your migration processes.


Automate Your Workflows

Automate your feature’s availability based on insights from other tools in your monitoring suite.


Deliver Faster Without Killing Your SLAs

Reduce the risk associated with releasing too fast. With LaunchDarkly you can safely encourage your team to deliver incremental changes without worrying about the downstream effects on your services’ reliability. Test new features, in production, early and often to understand the operational ramifications.


Separate Deploy from Release - Get all the benefits of agile development and continuous delivery without the risk. LaunchDarkly separates code deployment from feature releases, so you can ship code whenever you want without impacting end users.

Targeted Rollouts - Canary launches, percentage rollouts, ring deployments, beta tests; we support them all. Release features to users at your own pace. Start small, gain confidence, and ease your way to 100%.

Safely Test in Production - Stop “soaking” your code in staging. With LaunchDarkly developers can use feature flags to safely test their code in production early and often, encouraging a culture of real-time testing and feedback. Testing with real live users in production allows you to measure how new features or services actually affect your key service indicators.

Power Any Delivery Methodology - LaunchDarkly helps teams build better and more reliable software, faster. From Continuous and Progressive Delivery to Trunk-Based Development and Blue-Green Deployments, we’ve got you covered. LaunchDarkly is the only feature management platform that supports every modern development, release management, and delivery technique.


We use LaunchDarkly to control risky changes. Sometimes there’s changes in the product that we can’t test effectively in development or in staging. And the only way we can really effectively test this is when we really get to production.

Aaron Gentleman

Engineering Manager at Atlassian

Companies like Atlassian & InVision use LaunchDarkly to control their operational risk.


Mitigate Risk with Real-Time Control

Take control of your features like a super-admin. Delegate release control to other teams in your organization, turn off features when they are causing performance issues or poor user experiences, and change configurations on the fly. You control everything, all in real-time. No more rollbacks, hotfixes or changes to config files.


Kill Switch - Stuff happens. What do you do when it starts affecting performance? You take action before it turns into a major incident. Turn off any feature or code path within 200ms using a click of the mouse (or API call). No need to stay up all night rolling back code and deploying emergency fixes. Plus with flag prerequisites you can link features and services across applications together and take global control from a single switch.

Monitor & Troubleshoot Features - Advanced teams use LaunchDarkly's feature management platform to help troubleshoot and resolve issues in real-time, helping to create a culture of accountability. Developers can monitor their features and if they spot an issue, use the Audit Log to pinpoint the source of the incident, get a clear understanding of what took place, and take appropriate action (like hitting a kill switch).

Safety Valves - Long-term feature flags enable you to gracefully degrade non-critical functionality and maintain overall availability when you detect a problem. Just wrap your key features, microservices and 3rd party SaaS integrations with a feature flag, and you’ll be able to automatically switch to a failover option without having to push new code. Plus, if you’ve found the issue is isolated one specific customer or region, instead of killing the service for every customer, simply update the targeting rules and remove access for those particular customers within 200ms.

Change Configurations Dynamically - Dynamically change configurations at any time without redeploying or reconfiguring any part of your production application. By using multivariate feature flags for operational use cases you can dynamically scale things like your log levels or API event thresholds all in real-time. Instead of slowing down your application all of the time with hefty logs you can turn it on only when it's needed and even target those logs at specific customers or features that need investigation.


Safely Manage Changes to Your Entire Stack

Introduce feature flags into your migration plans to safely deliver changes across your stack. By strategically adding flags you’ll be able to control the rollout into predefined stages and slowly test the functionality within production before confirming it’s safe to proceed to the next step.


Migrate Infrastructure & Databases - Migrating infrastructure is scary but it doesn’t have to be. Use feature flags to safely build up your new infrastructure in production, alongside your old version, and test it every step of the way before you cut over 100%. By using feature flags you can mitigate risk during major upgrades like database migrations, switching cloud providers or swapping the implementation on an algorithm.

Sunset Unused Features - Feature flags are just as valuable for launching new functionality as they are for controlling when it’s time to say goodbye. At some point, old features will conflict with new features, or simply not be in use anymore. Use the LaunchDarkly platform to manage the entire lifecycle of your features including when you decide it’s time to retire a feature gracefully.

Upgrade Microservices & Tools- Adding feature flags to new microservices and tools gives DevOps teams complete control over their various services and provides options for a controlled rollout during upgrades. First, wrap the microservice with a feature flag, with all traffic going to the old version. Then, release a new version and gradually allow targeted traffic to the new service, allowing you to test and verify the functionality across your entire production stack.

Take Action from Any Tool

Get the most out of feature management by integrating LaunchDarkly into your key workflows. Gain visibility and take action with the tools you use every day for monitoring, collaboration, and data analysis.


Automated Actions via APM Tools - Take action directly from your monitoring tools when major issues are detected. Setup scripts that automatically turn features off/on or adjust a flag’s targeting rules based on metrics from your APM tools.

APIs for Everything - Need to build something custom? We’ve got APIs for every product feature built in the LaunchDarkly platform. Our full-featured and fully documented APIs enable you to build custom integrations, export raw data and build custom scripts for automating your feature flag workflow.

Manage Features from Jira - Power up your collaboration by integrating LaunchDarkly into your teams’ Jira workflows. With feature flagging information in Jira, teams can quickly and easily access critical information around a feature release all from a single place, enabling them to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

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