Bid farewell to code emergencies.

LaunchDarkly feature flags cut down on incidents and resolution times dramatically. They also help your sleep.

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DevOps teams love LaunchDarkly

Enjoy greater release confidence, less anxiety about downtime, and smoother cloud migrations.

Standardize low-risk releases

Deliver incremental changes to your systems with limited risk. Test in production early. Move faster safely.

Improve reliability and availability

Resolve incidents with one toggle. Or avoid them altogether. Rest easy with instant rollbacks.

Safely manage changes to your entire stack

Perform controlled cloud migrations and move to microservices with feature flags. Little-to-no downtime.

Automate your workflows

Automate your feature’s availability based on insights from other tools in your monitoring suite.

TrueCar's AWS migration was the smoothest, most uneventful of any I've ever managed using LaunchDarkly.

Regis WilsonSite Reliability Engineer

Release confidently

Deliver faster while sticking to your SLOs

Eliminate the risks of releasing faster. LaunchDarkly feature flags let you deliver and control incremental changes without sacrificing service reliability.

Deploy when you want, release when you’re ready

Get all the benefits of agile development and continuous delivery without the risk. LaunchDarkly separates code deployment from feature releases, so developers can ship code whenever they want without impacting end-users. Wait to release features until you’re confident they’ll perform well.

Safely test in production well before a launch

When it comes to knowing how a feature will perform in the real world, there's no substitute for testing in production. Safely test features in production well in advance of a product launch with feature flags. Measure the impact on system performance early. Reduce change failure rates dramatically.

Progressively deliver changes

Move fast but with control. Progressive Delivery is a new software development lifecycle that enables safe CI/CD through feature flags. Run canary tests and perform gradual rollouts in production. As a new feature clears key benchmarks, progressively release it to a wider audience.

Improve reliability

Improve availability and reliability

Disable buggy features in one click, and change configurations on the fly. You control everything in real-time. No more cumbersome rollbacks, config file changes, or redeploys.

Remove anxiety with instant rollbacks

Improve your mean time to restore service (MTTR) ten-fold. LaunchDarkly feature flags allow you to turn off any feature or code path within 200ms. No need to stay up all night rolling back code and deploying emergency fixes. Globally control features across multiple applications with a single switch.

Monitor and troubleshoot features

Elite software teams use LaunchDarkly's feature management platform to troubleshoot and resolve issues in real-time. When DevOps engineers and SREs spot an issue, they use LaunchDarkly’s Audit Log to pinpoint the source, get a clear idea of what happened, and take appropriate action.

Make changes on the fly to preserve uptime

Dynamically change configurations to keep your service afloat no matter what. Just wrap key features, microservices, and third-party integrations in feature flags. When incidents occur, immediately switch to a failover option, alter API rate limits, and change log levels without pushing new code.

Migrate safely

Modernize your stack in a safe, frictionless way

Make infrastructure, architecture, and database migrations safe and predictable. Use feature flags to progressively route user traffic and requests to your new systems.

Take the stress out of cloud migrations

Enjoy the smoothest cloud migrations imaginable. Use feature flags to gradually stand up your new cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, etc.) alongside legacy systems. Test it every step of the way. If errors occur, halt the rollout with a kill switch. If the coast is clear, proceed until you've migrated 100% of traffic.

Migrate off your legacy databases with ease

When migrating to a new database, use feature flags to perform a phased rollout of the new system. At the start, route, say, 100% of ‘read’ and ‘write’ events to the old database, while duplicating 10% of the write events and pushing them to the new database. As you monitor performance, move to the next phase and funnel more requests to the new system.

Tame your microservices

Overcome unexpected roadblocks when migrating from a monolith to microservices. Progressively direct new data, traffic, and requests to the new architecture. Use LaunchDarkly to control the behavior of multiple microservices with a single feature flag. Trust that when you make a flag change, it won't bring down any services.

Automate workflows

Automate your DevOps workflows

Integrate LaunchDarkly with your key workflows. Gain visibility and take action with the DevOps tools you use every day for monitoring, collaboration, and data analysis.

Automatically disable buggy code via APM tools

Take action directly from your monitoring tools when major issues are detected. Write scripts that automatically turn features on/off or adjust a flag’s targeting rules based on metrics from your APM tools. Or, better yet, let LaunchDarkly automatically disable broken code when it receives a flag trigger from your APM.

Employ APIs for anything

Need to build something custom? We’ve got APIs for every product feature built in the LaunchDarkly platform. Our full-featured and fully documented APIs enable you to build custom integrations, export raw data, and build custom scripts for automating your feature flag workflow.

Manage features from Jira

Improve cross-team collaboration for software releases by integrating LaunchDarkly into your teams’ Jira workflows. With feature flag data in Jira, everyone in product delivery can quickly access critical information for a release in one place. Boost efficiency, reduce context switching, and avoid confusion.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Michael McKayPrincipal Software Engineer

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