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Why LaunchDarkly?

Learn why enterprises like Square, Intuit, and NBC choose LaunchDarkly for feature management.

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Reimagine software delivery


Test innovations collaboratively

Align the entire product delivery team around user insights collected when gradually releasing features.


Standardize safe releases

Enjoy smooth, low-risk releases through automated governance, remediation, and feature workflows.


Accelerate app modernization

Optimize your cloud journey with progressive infrastructure, architecture, and database migrations.

#1 platform for managing feature flags

For all teams, starting with developers

LaunchDarkly empowers all teams to deliver and control software, allowing everyone to contribute to the customer's digital experience in a meaningful way. With LaunchDarkly, developers ship code whenever they want, operations engineers disable buggy features with a kill switch, product managers run their own beta tests, and more.

Risk-free automation

Feature Workflows bring automation to your releases while ensuring compliance with your organization’s change management policies. With built-in guardrails, Feature Workflows allow your team to schedule code changes in advance, assign an approver for those changes, and automatically disable the changes if they cause issues in production.

Full feature flag lifecycle management

Feature flags work best when used all the time. But as flags proliferate, they become hard to manage. LaunchDarkly streamlines feature flag management at every stage. Code References, Flag Archive, and Flag Status Alerts enable you to track every flag in your system with ease, quickly scrub outdated flags, and keep good code hygiene.

Feature flags are a critical piece of modern development, and LaunchDarkly brings this part of continuous delivery to the masses.

Rob ZuberCTO

Power for any scale

LaunchDarkly serves trillions of flags every day and provides critical development infrastructure for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

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feature flags served to users daily


mobile devices & browsers served daily


servers reached worldwide daily


to propagate feature flag updates

Our platform




Our streaming architecture ensures changes are delivered in real-time (within 200ms) and scale efficiently as you expand to new use cases.

High availability

Get peace of mind with several layers of redundancy. Retrieve flag rules from a local stream, reduce outbound connections, and run in "offline" mode.

Advanced targeting

Build complex targeting rules based on the custom attributes most important to you. Progressively deliver features to specific users on your terms.

Enterprise governance

Enterprise governance

Visibility and accountability

See audit logs for all feature flag changes made across all projects and environments. Use the debugger to see
evaluation activity in real-time.

Data privacy, security, and reliability

We’re certified for SOC 2 Type II and ISO2701. All our flags are stored locally and backed up by our globally distributed CDN provider.

Granular access control

Use built-in roles, or create custom roles, to grant LaunchDarkly access to the right people across your organization.

Release impact

Release impact and experimentation

Qualitative user feedback

Use fine-grained targeting to run beta tests and early access programs (EAPs). Gauge whether new features satisfy users.

Quantitative feedback

Leverage our Experimentation Add-on to conduct A/B/n tests and experiments that align with your normal software delivery process.

System performance feedback

Employ Experimentation to gauge how both front-end and back-end changes affect system reliability. Run server-side tests with ease.

Made for your stack

Designed for any stack

Platform support

With 25+ SDKs (server-side, client-side, mobile, etc.), LaunchDarkly aims to support every major language, platform, and organization.


LaunchDarkly integrates with a host of tools that are essential to modern enterprise tech stacks (monitoring, observability, alerts, and more).

Data Export

Use Data Export to stream raw event analytics into your data warehouse. Perform deep product and user
analyses, enriched by flag data.

We accelerate your digital transformation

With LaunchDarkly

  • Release on-demand
  • Safely test code in production
  • Automated rollback in 200ms
  • Any team can control a rollout
  • Gradual, zero-downtime cloud migrations
  • Majority of time on progress

Without LaunchDarkly

  • Release quarterly/monthly
  • Test code in staging for weeks
  • Costly rollbacks and outages
  • Developers have to own a rollout
  • Painful, costly cloud migrations
  • Majority of time on risk mitigation

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Michael McKayPrincipal Software Engineer

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