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TRAJECTORY — Nov 09-10 | Break orbit not systems

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Fundamentally change how you deliver software.

Innovate faster, deploy fearlessly, and make each release a masterpiece.

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#1 platform for managing feature flags

Release confidently

Deploy features whenever you want. Release to users when you’re ready.

release confidently

Improve reliability

Rest easy with instant rollbacks. Resolve incidents as soon as they happen.

improve reliability

Safely migrate systems

Take the risk and uncertainty out of cloud, microservices, and database migrations.

safely migrate system

Automate DevOps workflows

Streamline your release process while ensuring enterprise compliance.

automate devop workflows


Make engineers happy and productive

Increase developer productivity, creativity, and satisfaction with the developer's choice for feature management.

Innovate faster

Deploy code several times a day. Cut down on merge conflicts. Progressively deliver software to target audiences.

Remove risk and stress

Decrease incidents by testing code in production beforehand. When bugs do arise, toggle a flag to recover in 200ms.

Shrink the time-to-value

Get critical feedback and iterate early on. Ship revenue-driving features to customers in less time.

Create better software with data

Gather rich usage and performance data, run experiments, and seamlessly deploy winning feature variations all in one platform.

Improve business collaboration

Empower business stakeholders with more control over the digital experience. Reduce the burden on developers.

Why LaunchDarkly?
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client-side and server-side SDKs

We’ve built a first-class developer experience with SDKs tailored to every major platform. Implement our feature flags framework in your stack in minutes.

See our SDKs
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